Monday, January 10, 2011

Aircon Low Power Consumption Tips

When the summertime is throughout the corner, that which you all enjoy is the air conditioning unit. But we now have never or, say, were least concerned with low power consumption till some time concerns pay the utility bill, which leaves an opening in our pocket and also at one time much of the vitality is consumed uselessly.

Air conditioners
are one of the highest consumers of electricity. However, it is possible to still slow up the budget you may spend on ac by following some simple air conditioner low power consumption tips. One simplest way to relieve your power consumption is to simply let down all the electronic appliances if not used. This could conserve approximately 10% power consumption.

Following are some of the tips which will help you in reducing power use of your air conditioner as well as save your valuable wallet

Right off the bat first, be sure that the air conditioner just isn't exposed to direct sunlight. Because it has been observed that a shaded air conditioning equipment consumes 5 percent less electricity when compared with those subjected to sunlight.

While switching around the thermostat, set it at 78°F per degree lower would mean 8% boost in the power consumption.

Switching your thermostat with a colder setting the minute you turn on mid-air conditioner will simply raise your power consumption. To cool down the, 24°C is the best temperature.

Clean mid-air conditioner and change the filter regularly. Also, let your air con unit checked every A few months and look into the Freon level at the same time.

Turn off the AC in the event the weather is mild. If at all possible take advantage of fans as an alternative to ac units.

Shade the windows with blinds and dont let excess sunlight as well as heat enter your own home. And in addition, don't let direct heat to enter your house.

Run your AC when you feel it is extremely necessary. If it is a central unit system and then suggest sure the ducts are insulated properly.

Seal the windows and doors properly in order that the cooling effect doesnt flow outside. Preferably use tinted glass windows.

Don't use dehumidifier, as the air conditioner is on. And place any electronic device close to the air conditioner thermostat, as it may warm up the AC and may make the air conditioner to run longer than required.

Preferably go for a car temperature block air conditioning unit.

Above all, don't put any appliances around the uphold mode since it consumes excess electricity. Install thermometers to examine the temperature of your home and depending on it take care of the temperature of your respective air conditioning equipment. Shut off the air conditioner Quarter-hour before leaving your house. These folks were many of the tips which would aid in lowering power consumptions.