Monday, September 10, 2012

Why Is Ice Forming On My Air Conditioner?

Why Is Ice Forming On My Air Conditioner?

Most of us locals would own an air-conditioning unit/s, or dealt with one in our home/s, at work or at some point of time. And when we do have air-conditionings in our house, offices, we will at some point have to deal with the mechanical issues of one (like any other machinery). There are many problems that occur with the air-conditioning, especially if it is on high usage and if it is used for a long time like an older A/C unit. There are a few common problems such as, leaking of the A/C unit and the air-conditioning not cooling the room enough (not enough/no cool air). But there is another problem that we like to highlight on the issue of the air conditioning forming ice and why.

There are many factors that could cause the air conditioning to ice up, that ranges from faulty parts, insufficient ventilation around the A/C unit, to rigid outdoor temperatures and low refrigerants. When this happens, it is highly recommended to call your friendly A/C professionals to come and assess the actual and find the root of the problem of the freeze/ice around the A/C unit. There a few simple DIY (do it yourself) steps one can take to avoid the A/C to stop operating due to the formation of ice or continue any further freezing. One easy way to do it is to check the filter of your air-conditioning, because a filthy filter is one of the reasons why the a/c forms icing and freeze up. If your air-conditioner is a placed in busy environment, or prone to loads of dust in the air like office spaces, then clean it frequently. It is recommended to clean the filter every fortnightly (2 weeks) or so, but if the A/C is in such environments mentioned, then it should be more frequent than that.

You will also need to find out if there is suffice amount of refrigerant. This is one of the common causes of ice forming and freezing of the A/C unit. When the refrigerant levels gets too low it can cause the already cold coil to be too cold. Not enough or over load of refrigerant does causes the built up of ice and freezing of the air conditioning. If you have any suspicions of the wrong amount of refrigerant, then you’d have contact your friend A/C professionals to fill up the refrigerant, and fix leaking of it, if any.

For humid weathers like ours in Singapore, the A/C will condense a lot of the water vapours into fluids that should proceed to be drained on the outside. When the water builds up in the drip pan below the cold coil of the A/C unit, then it will begin to ice up/freeze. Then that ice will block the drain hole which in return will cause plenty of problems to your unit. One more thing one can DIY is to unplug the main A/C and let the forming ice melt away out for a day (24 hours), but this is and can be a dangerous task to do. So please note to prevent and put oneself out any risk that it is a must to shut off the main electrical supply that goes to the A/C. Or to be on the safe side, it is best recommend getting your professionals to do this for you.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Is Chemical Cleaning Necessary for Aircon?

Why do we require a chemical wash for our air-conditioners?

The humid weather in Singapore can be overbearing for anyone, all year round. What’s worst is when the air conditioner you installed to cool you down, isn’t even working properly! There are a variety of possible problems that may plague you concerning your air conditioner. Perhaps the air coming out from your air conditioner isn’t cold? Or maybe your air conditioner leaks and leaves a wet mess on your floor?

First, it is important to understand why your air conditioner seems to be so problematic. There are two parts to an air condition; the indoor fan coil and the outdoor condenser. Simply put, the outdoor condenser is responsible for generating the cold air and the indoor fan coil is responsible for acting as a blower, distributing the cold air through your room. There are also minor parts such as intricate wires and piping. Pipes within the air conditioner help to remove water that has condensed in the air conditioner, and discharges it into the appropriate drains. A leaking air condition may be due to a faulty pipe.

But no one wants to go through the trouble of trying to fix a problematic air conditioner. In fact, getting a faulty air condition to work properly is not a DIY home job; it is a job for the professionals! Regular air conditioner servicing is essential to ensure your air conditioner is functioning at its optimal capability. The air generated will be cooler, leakages will be minimised, electrical consumption of the air condition will be reduced, and lifespan of your air conditioner can be lengthened. Basic maintenance is also very important. Simple cleaning such as washing or cleaning the air filter can help with the overall functionality of the air conditioner.

Yes, while many already know that maintenance of the air conditioner can have its many advantages, what many don’t know, however, is the importance of a special type of cleaning; known as a chemical wash.

Chemical washing is a more effective way of cleaning your air conditioner. We do not realise, but within components of our air conditioner such as the indoor fan coil, bacteria thrive and form very quickly. When these bacteria are not taken care of, problems can arise and your air conditioner will not function effectively. In some case, air generated form the air conditioner can be extremely foul smelling. Usually, general servicing may not be able to sort out the problem; therefore, a chemical wash is definitely needed.

In a chemical wash, the air conditioner is thoroughly washed with the appropriate chemicals. Why can’t we just use water? Some may ask. Well, given the nature of the bacteria, it is important to use the appropriate cleaning agents to ensure the air conditioner is properly cleaned and all harmful substances are gotten rid of.

All in all, air conditioners make our lives and homes much more comfortable. It only makes sense to not only have proper regular maintenance, but also to engage the right professionals to do a chemical wash. This will not only enhance your equipment’s life, but yours as well!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Servicing Your Air Conditioner

Servicing Your Air Conditioner

Like your family car, air conditioners too deserve attention and care.  The importance of servicing one’s air condition system does not have to be deeply emphasized.  Most would agree that the ultimate aim is to allow for economical and efficient operations of these machines, as well as preventing minor problems from turning into major ones.  Statistics show that when it comes to actual maintenance works, few would choose to do it themselves, some would engage the help of servicing companies, and many prefer to have nothing done at all.  For those who have the backings of servicing agents, you are fairly safe.  For the unconcern group, you’d better start doing something fast.

An air conditioner servicing is not a simple job, neither is it a super complicated one.  Some amount of knowledge and experiences, however, are needed for a reasonably decent job.

If you have the time and the confidence, or if you need that ego soaring feeling that automatically comes with successful accomplishment of challenges, please proceed with them.  If not, stop there, this isn’t for you!! 

Yes, you’ve really got to know where to stop.  This also holds true also for owners whose air conditioners have not seen servicing for a long time.  With the economy not doing well and the need to cut expenses, it is understandable why you chose to be frugal on those servicing.  But when it’s high time that your system has to be examined by some professionals, seeking the help of a servicing company is your best bet to avoid painful payments later.  While it is also understandable that some average owners can service and fix faults, most problems require the expertise of a seasoned skillful technician; someone who has seen many many faults to deal with them quickly.  These guys are quick to detect potential problem while at it.  In this mad-rush society, time is a luxury.  They have the time for this, you don’t.  With experiences, these professionals are good at advising on solutions and procedures that can help improve your situations.

In our selection for a reliable air conditioner service provider, many make the mistake of entrusting the servicing job to a sketchy technician with poor business etiquettes, only to have to put up with undesirable consequences later.  As with other repair and servicing works, you’ll feel more secure with reputable companies who aren’t too worry about workmanship warranties.  You’ll also have more peace of mind working with these licensed and insured contractors.

Often, the line separating a rationale and irrational decision is a thin one.  Likewise when deciding on whether to hire an air condition servicing company, we need to know the difference between being practical and not, and maintaining your air conditioner to work in its optimum state is a collaborative effort between both the air conditioner servicing company and you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why Do We Need to Service our Air-con Regularly?

Why Do We Need to Service our Air-con Regularly?

In sunny Singapore, where it is summer all year round, we are used to turning on the air conditioning at home and in the office whenever the mercury rises. But what happens when the weather is hot and the air-con is spoilt? To avoid being in a situation like that, it is recommended that you service your air-con regularly.

An air-conditioning unit is simple to use, as you can turn it on just by pressing a button on the remote control. However, it is really a complex appliance with many parts, which are all prone to wear and tear and even breakdowns if not maintained properly. Hence, instead of seeing regular maintenance as a troublesome appointment to schedule or as an unnecessary expense, we should look at it as important to preserve the lifespan of the air-con.

It is recommended that you service your air-con at thrice a year. If your air-con is in use almost all the time, you might want to opt for bi-monthly servicing to keep it in tip-top condition. You look for a professional air-con servicing company, who will send a qualified technician to your premises. Many companies now offer yearly contracts for a set number of appointments annually, saving you the hassle of booking appointments every few months. 

Regular servicing will help you to detect problems before they worsen, such as leaks which may dirty the adjacent ceiling or the floor, dirty air filters which are not cleaning the air that circulates in your premises properly, and ensure all parts are working well so that the unit works more efficiently, ensuring your comfort and lower utility bills as the energy consumption will be kept low. A dirty filter and coils can increase energy usage by up to 15%, which translates into higher costs for you. Prevention is better than cure, so you can save on repair costs in the future. Maintenance can also prolong the lifespan of your air-con, making it last beyond the average 5 years.  

You can clean the outer and the filters of the air-con yourself every few weeks, but the rest requires professional work. A general ‘check-up’ for your air-con will include cleaning the unit, air filter, water tray and fan coil with water, as well as the drainage pipe. They will check on the compressor and air-con function and deal with any complaints you may have, such as the air-con taking a long time to cool the room, leaking water or making strange noises. If necessary, they will also replenish the refrigerant gas for you. These will all be covered under the servicing fee, and they will discuss any additional repair work with you.

If the drainage pipe is blocked because of dust build-up, water cannot drain properly and thus the air-con will start to drip water. If the coil or compressor is dirty, excessive vibration is produced and this causes the air-con to make strange noises. All these problems can be detected and solved through regular servicing. Some more serious problems may require chemical cleaning, but general servicing will usually be sufficient for minor problems and keep your air-con running well. Regular maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs, so consider investing in a maintenance plan today!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Why Air-con Leaking Water?

Why Air-con Leaking Water?

Facing aircon leaking problem? Singapore has beautiful weather but scorching humidity. Almost all of us use the air conditioning be at home, or even if we do not own one we would have or must have used it other places such as our work spaces. For people who are familiar with the usage of air conditioning, they would know the functions and dysfunctions of the air conditioning unit/s. The number one or most common identifiable problem is water leakage from the A/C unit, after using perhaps for a while one would probably hear trickling sounds and notice the dripping from the air conditioning unit at home or in your work space. Here are the few reasons why the A/C is leaking or might leak water.

The most common and probably the number one cause of the leaking problem would be the temperature getting “too cold”, then evaporator coil would very cold, therefore causing the water to condense then overflow; example: like how water condenses on a glass of cold drink. Usually the water flows down to the drain pan at the bottom of the coil then goes outside your house through a drain pipe. Air leakage around the A/C unit happens if warm air is able to enter around the A/C it will come across cooler and dryer air, and when that happens, condensation will happen. If the water is leaking from the front of the A/C, check and see if it is dripping from the body of the machine, or if the water droplets are dangling on the front area. With professional help, there won’t be such hassles, as they can test and analyse if there is an actual leaking problem and probably help to prevent one that is or might be coming up in the near future.

If the leaking is around the furnace, chances are the A/C might have a clogged drain hole, a cracked drain pan or blocked internal drains. It also could be possible that the air flow over the indoor evaporator coil might be restricted because of a filthy coil or a dirty air filter. When that happens, it causes the evaporator coil to ice up and leak water over the edge of the drain pan if not it just might be a cracked one, to be 100% sure a professional air condition servicing will know best.

The A/C drains should be cleared and clean, if not it will leak continuously. This means regular maintenance is needed because of regular or often usage. But usually only your friendly professional air conditioning service people would have the equipment to deal with the drainage. For example like The Mighty Pump is the best tool for such situations but of course in the hands and with the knowledge of the professionals, they would know exactly how to easily and quickly clear any clogged problems.

Lastly before installing the air conditioning units anywhere, remember precautions should be taken and is the key for prevention of any later major A/C problems, especially leaking. Therefore from the start, the whole A/C system inside and out should be properly installed, a window A/C has to be slightly lower at the back than the front, why, because this allows the water extracted from any room to drain to the back of machine. Remember, a difference of one inch is sufficed, and this should be always the first thing to check when installing the A/C unit. There are plenty incorrect installed due to quicker relieve of the humidity therefore make sure the A/C service company is of quality and trusted. It cannot be installed too low at the rear nor too low at the front, and these professionals can do that best. Any leaking problems should be fixed immediately.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What is a Non-Inverter Air-con?

What is a Non-Inverter Air-con?

A non-inverter air-con has many similar traits as an inverter air-con. Additionally, most air conditioners visually look alike, regardless of the type of air conditioners. How do we actually know what the properties of a non-inverter air-con are and how it functions? The most distinguishable property will be that of the operations of the compressor motors in the air conditioner. A non-inverter air-con’s compressor will function on either full power or pressure when the main control of the air conditioner is being initiated. Therefore, you cannot control the power generated. Fixed rate of energy consumption will prove to be both useful and disrupting.

Where high power leads to faster speed of the system, the cool air produced will ensure that users will feel more comfortable and a better soothing experience. It is efficient if you appreciate being able to savor and feel the cool air dished out by the compressor motor in the non-inverter air-con.

Furthermore, a non-inverter air-con is considerably cheaper than an inverter air-con due to the fact that the energy consumed and passed out by the air conditioner is much more conserved and maintained. However, it produces much noise from the system due to the higher pressure and electricity needed to maintain the viability of the unit charges of the compressor motor. It is also more costly overtime as it means more electricity is applied to support and endow the considerable amount of power processed in a non-inverter air-con such that it will be best used for an individual than a whole family.

With its general energy saving advantage, non-inverter air conditioners are well recognized for its positive eco-friendly effects for the environment. Users who do not always open their air conditioners are suggested to get a non-inverted air-con prior to the case that its engine generates ozone friendly air which gives both comfort and safety, which are the best reasons why air conditioners are installed in the first place.

The cycle effect that the controller units of a non-inverter air-con is unique such that it undergoes a “start-and-pause” mechanism, meaning that the cool breeze that burst out from the engine is not always standardized. You may feel the temperature difference in the air every few minutes as the cycle is ongoing. Additionally, in non-inverter air conditioners, pre-set functions will totally disable the compressors, giving you another different feel on the temperature of the air than on the normal controls of the air conditioners.

Another commendable property that a non-inverter air-con possesses is that the engine parts, particularly the circuit boards, are relatively durable as it has a less amount of boards, reducing the chances of malfunctioning and breaking down. This will save the costs from maintenance fees as air conditioners need regular cleaning and checking, to ensure the health of the air conditioners.

In conclusion, a non-inverter air-con can be very convenient and useful based on the users’ preferences. It still has both pros and cons like any other systems out there in the world. To receive more insight info on non-inverter air conditioners, it will be wise for you to check with the companies specialized with air conditioners to gather even more information from the accurate and experienced staff there.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Advantage of Air-Conditioning Chemical Overhaul

Advantage of Air-Con Chemical Overhaul

Air-conditioning has provided much comfort in this day at age that some people just have to swear by it. Nonetheless, a well-maintained air-conditioning system will ensure that each unit will serve you for years to come. In maintaining the air-conditioning system, there is a method known as a chemical overhaul. This is done by stripping the whole unit down to clean individually in a chemical solution.

The first reason a chemical overhaul is usually suggested is to find any atypical problem which cannot be found usually. Just like an air-craft, an air-conditioning unit requires different parts to work together and sometimes finding a problem is like finding a needle among the haystack. With each part being taken apart, it could also be surface any part which may require replacement to resolve any future problems.

The biggest effect of a chemical overhaul is to reduce wear and tear from corrosion. By washing the fan-coil in the chemical solution, this ensures that fan-coil which is one of the most costly parts of the air-conditioning unit. By solving the potential problem at its roots, this will ensure that the problem of a breakdown is reduced.

A chemical overhaul also ensures that everything works like new. With every part inspected and washed, this will remove any dirt and grime which could have built up overtime and cause the air-conditioning unit to become ineffective to cooling the room down. This method is highly recommended to solve any compounding issue which could arise from more than just one part failing.

The chemical overhaul also ensures that there is enough refrigerant in the air-conditioning system. This is usually the underlying issue when the air-conditioning unit fails to cool down the room or is ineffective in cooling the room down.

The air-conditioning unit also has a common problem like a dirty or loose fan-coil. In this case, it will produce a lot of noise or result in unproductive cooling of the room. This drains more electricity and thus can result in costlier electrical bill. Fixing this issue can be done with a chemical overhaul as the fan is immersed into a chemical solution to remove the dirt and grime on the blade and the grooves on the centre of the fan. If the fan-coil is loose due to wear and tear, the fan-coil can be replaced to ensure the unit works productively.

The last benefit of a chemical overhaul is also done to solve either of these problems; water leaking from the unit and the air-conditioning producing a foul smell. This are the superficial problem of an underlying issue which is a clogged drainage system resulting in mould and microbes from growing in the pipeline.

It is thus important to maintain your air-conditioning system to ensure that it runs at the maximum potential and save the trouble and money when serious repairs needs to be done. It is advised to be done every three months and even more frequently if used daily in a hot and humid country like Singapore.

About The Author:
@bsolute Solutions & E Home Services are the leading aircon company in Singapore providing all types of aircon troubleshooting, repair and chemical cleaning.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Some Air-con Have Foul Smell?

Why Some Air-con Have Foul Smell?

Certain air conditioning units emit a foul smell when switched on. But what are the possible causes for unpleasant odours emanating from these appliances? More importantly, what steps can be taken to resolve this problem?

When air conditioners dehumidify and extract heat from the surrounding area, water is produced as a waste product. The moisture accumulates, creating a dark and damp environment that aids in the formation of mold, slime mold or mildew, all of which release a very pungent smell. Furthermore, as the external section of an air conditioning unit resides outside in most homes and offices, foreign particles or debris are easily trapped in the ducting. When these particles rot, they may also contribute to the musky and undesirable aroma.

While the smell is a predicament, it is good to know that it can be remedied by a professional air-con company of choice. They will turn off the air conditioner and carefully pull one end of the condensation line to remove the tubing from the unit. Caution is necessary when pulling the line free because water that is trapped within may spill out and make an unnecessary mess. Rinse the tube thoroughly with a solution of bleach and water to remove the mold that developed in or on the line.

They may also drain any standing water in the drip pan. Placed on the underside of the air conditioning unit, the pan (or condensate tray) collects condensation that drips from the evaporator coil. This pool of stale water, combined with the dark environment, is an ideal breeding ground for mildew and bacteria. Thus, they understand that it is important to scrub the pan clean using a non-abrasive sponge and chemicals. After thorough cleaning, they will leave the tray aside to completely dry. If the pan still smells rancid after scrubbing, more chemical may be required.

Practice due diligence and examine the interior of the air conditioner. They will also remove any foreign objects such as debris, animal carcasses or rotting vegetation that might be trapped inside. After that, they will use a foaming coil cleaner, spray the evaporator coil with chemical to eradicate dust and dirt before rinsing it with a hose. Proceed to rinse the interior of the air conditioning unit until the water that drains out becomes clear.

The final step requires will to be reconnecting the condensation line, place the (thoroughly dry) drip pan back on the underside of the unit and install a new air filter. They will make sure that the appliance is dry before switching it back on again. However, in the situation where the air conditioner still gives off a bad odour, seek help and recommendations from the air-con company.

Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Choose a Right Aircon Company

How to Choose a Right Aircon Company

Air conditioning is like human, it has been designed as tough but it will display lights and signs when they are facing any “sickness”. With the weather temperature rising almost every day, air conditioning is most preferred when we step back into our room for the comfort and cool air. When your air condition is down or faulty, owner should not hesitate to wait for their unit to be down before servicing.

Many of us do not service our air-con regularly as we do not understand the importance of servicing. Owner should engage a company to maintain and service regularly to prevent facing any major problem and saving a huge amount of money for replacement of air-conditioner unit. If you face any problem, it is strongly recommended to select a professional air-conditioner company to handle your problem as soon as possible. Thinking of servicing your air condition yourself? Yes, you may, to a certain extent. You can open up your air condition, remove the filter and wash the filter with clear water. It will be a difficult and headache task when selecting the correct air-conditioner servcing company as there are lots of companies available in Singapore.

Engaging a professional air-conditioner company, it is advisable to know a little about your air-con requirements and what services you might require. Never rush to choose a company to service your air condition. If you have narrowed one company, and they are unable to slot in your desired date and time, seek assistance and arrangement for the next available date. Choosing a tight schedule company show that the company has skills & experience. Do a little research and recommendation from your friends and family or you may also check their reviews. Before engaging a professional air-conditioner company, you must understand their terms & conditions and ask if they provide workmanship guarantee. After servicing your air-con, make sure that your air condition is working as expected before technicians leave your property.

Happen to find a company that are drastically cheaper than other companies, or they can immediately be there right away? It will depend whether they are genuine as some companies might just do a basic air-con clean and they might not be professional or experienced. Air condition which is so essential to us is necessary to be professionally clean & maintain by a company that you can trust.

Seek help from Aircon Servicing Singapore; with a team of professional technicians, and years of experience in the air-con industry, we provide only high standard servicing. We do provide maintenance contract for all clients at a cheaper rate compared to one time servicing. We are just a call away, call us today to book an appointment and we will be there to help you!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Why Aircon Not Cold Anymore?

Why Air con Not Cold/Working?
Air conditioner is not working or cold enough, you know it is time to service your air conditioner and you might have a problem. Stay calm, do not panic. You might want to try to service and clean your air con before engaging a professional air conditioner servicing company. Regular servicing or basic maintenance by yourself is recommended to improve the air conditioning of the room.

A few basic troubleshooting you might want to try:
1) Dusty Air Filters – Try to rinse your filters by using clear water every month and make sure it is dry before installing it back.
2) Unit Cover (Indoor) – Remove the cover and wash it or alternatively try using a brush.
3) Unit (Outdoor) – Make sure that your outdoor unit is free and clean from debris. You may want to spray small pressure of water through the condenser coil to prevent damaging the aluminum fins.
Aircon Servicing Singapore has a team of professionals who have many years of experiences and specializes in different brands and types of air conditioner repairing, cleaning and maintaining for both commercial and residential buildings. We provide on-site immediate repairs for all air conditioner, should you require any spare parts and we do not availability, we would order it immediately and not delaying to repair your air conditioner back to its best working condition! We can meet all your requirements and guarantees warranty for our workmanship.

Why is my air conditioner not cold?
There are a numerous reasons to having a room that is not cold. A few common causes would be:
1) Dirty air filter.
2) Air conditioner temperature is not right.
3) Doors or windows are widely opened.
4) Air flow direction is not set appropriately.
5) Air conditioner is not in cooling mode.
6) Parts may be rusty and faulty.
7) Fan motor may be clod with dust and particles.
8) Object blocking the air inlet/outlet of the units.
9) Air con might be size wrongly.
What is the advantage of regular air conditioner servicing?
1) Maintenance check.
2) Prolong lifespan of the air conditioner.
3) Electrical consumption may be lower.
4) Air conditioner will be cooler.
5) Minimization major problems.
Nevertheless, it is still advisable to engage a professional air conditioner servicing company!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Importance Of Servicing Your Air Conditioner On Time

The Importance Of Servicing Your Air Conditioner On Time

As we all know that it is impossible for us to experience winter in Singapore, all we have is sun and rain. Singapore is a humid country and sometimes the heat is unbearable thus, people who cannot resist the heat will seek for solutions like switching on their air conditioner round the clock.

Many of us would only learn how to enjoy the cool air produced by the air conditioner but most of the times, neglect the thought of servicing our units on a regular basis. Do you know that if the air conditioner units are not cleaned thoroughly, germs, dirt and even fungus might grow in the units? This means that we are breathing all the germs into our lungs and they may cause us to fall sick if we have very weak immune system.

If you looked around, you can find people who do not service their aircon at all. These are the group of people who spend more money repairing it or purchasing new aircon units. If you maintain and service your aircon once every 3 months, not only can you save money on your electrical bills but you can surely prolong the lifespan of your aircon.

A large number of us would switch on the air conditioner while sleeping at night, it is extremely important that we breathe in fresh and healthy air at all times so that our bodies would not be harmed. We should always ensure that our homes have only good quality air and not polluted by germs and bacteria. An air conditioner system circulates the air around your room, if fungus and germs is breeding in the unit, then anyone who enters the room would be breathing in the viruses.

When the air conditioner unit is choked up by layers of dirt and fungus, it would not function as well as before; you may even experience water leaking from your units and other problems. Adding onto that, it would cause your air conditioner unit to work even harder to produce the cool air; this would then directly increase the amount of your electrical bill monthly.

In a long run, you will be losing even more money. Be a wise man and save up your bills to enjoy cool flow of air.

You do not need to spend sum of money maintaining your air conditioner units at home or office, normal servicing is required only every three to four months, if you continue to deteriorate the problem then you would have to pay more money to service your air conditioner problems. It is only advisable to get your air conditioner units serviced on a regular basis, by doing so, you will also be prolonging the life span of the units.

Lastly, always make sure you find the reputable Aircon Company to do your regular aircon maintenance. We have seen countless of company who actually charge you for just cleaning the arcon cover and the filter.Always look around to find the best aircon company.