Monday, May 7, 2012

Why Aircon Not Cold Anymore?

Why Air con Not Cold/Working?
Air conditioner is not working or cold enough, you know it is time to service your air conditioner and you might have a problem. Stay calm, do not panic. You might want to try to service and clean your air con before engaging a professional air conditioner servicing company. Regular servicing or basic maintenance by yourself is recommended to improve the air conditioning of the room.

A few basic troubleshooting you might want to try:
1) Dusty Air Filters – Try to rinse your filters by using clear water every month and make sure it is dry before installing it back.
2) Unit Cover (Indoor) – Remove the cover and wash it or alternatively try using a brush.
3) Unit (Outdoor) – Make sure that your outdoor unit is free and clean from debris. You may want to spray small pressure of water through the condenser coil to prevent damaging the aluminum fins.
Aircon Servicing Singapore has a team of professionals who have many years of experiences and specializes in different brands and types of air conditioner repairing, cleaning and maintaining for both commercial and residential buildings. We provide on-site immediate repairs for all air conditioner, should you require any spare parts and we do not availability, we would order it immediately and not delaying to repair your air conditioner back to its best working condition! We can meet all your requirements and guarantees warranty for our workmanship.

Why is my air conditioner not cold?
There are a numerous reasons to having a room that is not cold. A few common causes would be:
1) Dirty air filter.
2) Air conditioner temperature is not right.
3) Doors or windows are widely opened.
4) Air flow direction is not set appropriately.
5) Air conditioner is not in cooling mode.
6) Parts may be rusty and faulty.
7) Fan motor may be clod with dust and particles.
8) Object blocking the air inlet/outlet of the units.
9) Air con might be size wrongly.
What is the advantage of regular air conditioner servicing?
1) Maintenance check.
2) Prolong lifespan of the air conditioner.
3) Electrical consumption may be lower.
4) Air conditioner will be cooler.
5) Minimization major problems.
Nevertheless, it is still advisable to engage a professional air conditioner servicing company!