Thursday, July 5, 2012

Advantage of Air-Conditioning Chemical Overhaul

Advantage of Air-Con Chemical Overhaul

Air-conditioning has provided much comfort in this day at age that some people just have to swear by it. Nonetheless, a well-maintained air-conditioning system will ensure that each unit will serve you for years to come. In maintaining the air-conditioning system, there is a method known as a chemical overhaul. This is done by stripping the whole unit down to clean individually in a chemical solution.

The first reason a chemical overhaul is usually suggested is to find any atypical problem which cannot be found usually. Just like an air-craft, an air-conditioning unit requires different parts to work together and sometimes finding a problem is like finding a needle among the haystack. With each part being taken apart, it could also be surface any part which may require replacement to resolve any future problems.

The biggest effect of a chemical overhaul is to reduce wear and tear from corrosion. By washing the fan-coil in the chemical solution, this ensures that fan-coil which is one of the most costly parts of the air-conditioning unit. By solving the potential problem at its roots, this will ensure that the problem of a breakdown is reduced.

A chemical overhaul also ensures that everything works like new. With every part inspected and washed, this will remove any dirt and grime which could have built up overtime and cause the air-conditioning unit to become ineffective to cooling the room down. This method is highly recommended to solve any compounding issue which could arise from more than just one part failing.

The chemical overhaul also ensures that there is enough refrigerant in the air-conditioning system. This is usually the underlying issue when the air-conditioning unit fails to cool down the room or is ineffective in cooling the room down.

The air-conditioning unit also has a common problem like a dirty or loose fan-coil. In this case, it will produce a lot of noise or result in unproductive cooling of the room. This drains more electricity and thus can result in costlier electrical bill. Fixing this issue can be done with a chemical overhaul as the fan is immersed into a chemical solution to remove the dirt and grime on the blade and the grooves on the centre of the fan. If the fan-coil is loose due to wear and tear, the fan-coil can be replaced to ensure the unit works productively.

The last benefit of a chemical overhaul is also done to solve either of these problems; water leaking from the unit and the air-conditioning producing a foul smell. This are the superficial problem of an underlying issue which is a clogged drainage system resulting in mould and microbes from growing in the pipeline.

It is thus important to maintain your air-conditioning system to ensure that it runs at the maximum potential and save the trouble and money when serious repairs needs to be done. It is advised to be done every three months and even more frequently if used daily in a hot and humid country like Singapore.

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