Friday, July 27, 2012

Why Air-con Leaking Water?

Why Air-con Leaking Water?

Facing aircon leaking problem? Singapore has beautiful weather but scorching humidity. Almost all of us use the air conditioning be at home, or even if we do not own one we would have or must have used it other places such as our work spaces. For people who are familiar with the usage of air conditioning, they would know the functions and dysfunctions of the air conditioning unit/s. The number one or most common identifiable problem is water leakage from the A/C unit, after using perhaps for a while one would probably hear trickling sounds and notice the dripping from the air conditioning unit at home or in your work space. Here are the few reasons why the A/C is leaking or might leak water.

The most common and probably the number one cause of the leaking problem would be the temperature getting “too cold”, then evaporator coil would very cold, therefore causing the water to condense then overflow; example: like how water condenses on a glass of cold drink. Usually the water flows down to the drain pan at the bottom of the coil then goes outside your house through a drain pipe. Air leakage around the A/C unit happens if warm air is able to enter around the A/C it will come across cooler and dryer air, and when that happens, condensation will happen. If the water is leaking from the front of the A/C, check and see if it is dripping from the body of the machine, or if the water droplets are dangling on the front area. With professional help, there won’t be such hassles, as they can test and analyse if there is an actual leaking problem and probably help to prevent one that is or might be coming up in the near future.

If the leaking is around the furnace, chances are the A/C might have a clogged drain hole, a cracked drain pan or blocked internal drains. It also could be possible that the air flow over the indoor evaporator coil might be restricted because of a filthy coil or a dirty air filter. When that happens, it causes the evaporator coil to ice up and leak water over the edge of the drain pan if not it just might be a cracked one, to be 100% sure a professional air condition servicing will know best.

The A/C drains should be cleared and clean, if not it will leak continuously. This means regular maintenance is needed because of regular or often usage. But usually only your friendly professional air conditioning service people would have the equipment to deal with the drainage. For example like The Mighty Pump is the best tool for such situations but of course in the hands and with the knowledge of the professionals, they would know exactly how to easily and quickly clear any clogged problems.

Lastly before installing the air conditioning units anywhere, remember precautions should be taken and is the key for prevention of any later major A/C problems, especially leaking. Therefore from the start, the whole A/C system inside and out should be properly installed, a window A/C has to be slightly lower at the back than the front, why, because this allows the water extracted from any room to drain to the back of machine. Remember, a difference of one inch is sufficed, and this should be always the first thing to check when installing the A/C unit. There are plenty incorrect installed due to quicker relieve of the humidity therefore make sure the A/C service company is of quality and trusted. It cannot be installed too low at the rear nor too low at the front, and these professionals can do that best. Any leaking problems should be fixed immediately.