Monday, August 27, 2012

Is Chemical Cleaning Necessary for Aircon?

Why do we require a chemical wash for our air-conditioners?

The humid weather in Singapore can be overbearing for anyone, all year round. What’s worst is when the air conditioner you installed to cool you down, isn’t even working properly! There are a variety of possible problems that may plague you concerning your air conditioner. Perhaps the air coming out from your air conditioner isn’t cold? Or maybe your air conditioner leaks and leaves a wet mess on your floor?

First, it is important to understand why your air conditioner seems to be so problematic. There are two parts to an air condition; the indoor fan coil and the outdoor condenser. Simply put, the outdoor condenser is responsible for generating the cold air and the indoor fan coil is responsible for acting as a blower, distributing the cold air through your room. There are also minor parts such as intricate wires and piping. Pipes within the air conditioner help to remove water that has condensed in the air conditioner, and discharges it into the appropriate drains. A leaking air condition may be due to a faulty pipe.

But no one wants to go through the trouble of trying to fix a problematic air conditioner. In fact, getting a faulty air condition to work properly is not a DIY home job; it is a job for the professionals! Regular air conditioner servicing is essential to ensure your air conditioner is functioning at its optimal capability. The air generated will be cooler, leakages will be minimised, electrical consumption of the air condition will be reduced, and lifespan of your air conditioner can be lengthened. Basic maintenance is also very important. Simple cleaning such as washing or cleaning the air filter can help with the overall functionality of the air conditioner.

Yes, while many already know that maintenance of the air conditioner can have its many advantages, what many don’t know, however, is the importance of a special type of cleaning; known as a chemical wash.

Chemical washing is a more effective way of cleaning your air conditioner. We do not realise, but within components of our air conditioner such as the indoor fan coil, bacteria thrive and form very quickly. When these bacteria are not taken care of, problems can arise and your air conditioner will not function effectively. In some case, air generated form the air conditioner can be extremely foul smelling. Usually, general servicing may not be able to sort out the problem; therefore, a chemical wash is definitely needed.

In a chemical wash, the air conditioner is thoroughly washed with the appropriate chemicals. Why can’t we just use water? Some may ask. Well, given the nature of the bacteria, it is important to use the appropriate cleaning agents to ensure the air conditioner is properly cleaned and all harmful substances are gotten rid of.

All in all, air conditioners make our lives and homes much more comfortable. It only makes sense to not only have proper regular maintenance, but also to engage the right professionals to do a chemical wash. This will not only enhance your equipment’s life, but yours as well!