Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why Do We Need to Service our Air-con Regularly?

Why Do We Need to Service our Air-con Regularly?

In sunny Singapore, where it is summer all year round, we are used to turning on the air conditioning at home and in the office whenever the mercury rises. But what happens when the weather is hot and the air-con is spoilt? To avoid being in a situation like that, it is recommended that you service your air-con regularly.

An air-conditioning unit is simple to use, as you can turn it on just by pressing a button on the remote control. However, it is really a complex appliance with many parts, which are all prone to wear and tear and even breakdowns if not maintained properly. Hence, instead of seeing regular maintenance as a troublesome appointment to schedule or as an unnecessary expense, we should look at it as important to preserve the lifespan of the air-con.

It is recommended that you service your air-con at thrice a year. If your air-con is in use almost all the time, you might want to opt for bi-monthly servicing to keep it in tip-top condition. You look for a professional air-con servicing company, who will send a qualified technician to your premises. Many companies now offer yearly contracts for a set number of appointments annually, saving you the hassle of booking appointments every few months. 

Regular servicing will help you to detect problems before they worsen, such as leaks which may dirty the adjacent ceiling or the floor, dirty air filters which are not cleaning the air that circulates in your premises properly, and ensure all parts are working well so that the unit works more efficiently, ensuring your comfort and lower utility bills as the energy consumption will be kept low. A dirty filter and coils can increase energy usage by up to 15%, which translates into higher costs for you. Prevention is better than cure, so you can save on repair costs in the future. Maintenance can also prolong the lifespan of your air-con, making it last beyond the average 5 years.  

You can clean the outer and the filters of the air-con yourself every few weeks, but the rest requires professional work. A general ‘check-up’ for your air-con will include cleaning the unit, air filter, water tray and fan coil with water, as well as the drainage pipe. They will check on the compressor and air-con function and deal with any complaints you may have, such as the air-con taking a long time to cool the room, leaking water or making strange noises. If necessary, they will also replenish the refrigerant gas for you. These will all be covered under the servicing fee, and they will discuss any additional repair work with you.

If the drainage pipe is blocked because of dust build-up, water cannot drain properly and thus the air-con will start to drip water. If the coil or compressor is dirty, excessive vibration is produced and this causes the air-con to make strange noises. All these problems can be detected and solved through regular servicing. Some more serious problems may require chemical cleaning, but general servicing will usually be sufficient for minor problems and keep your air-con running well. Regular maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs, so consider investing in a maintenance plan today!