Thursday, December 12, 2013

Is There Aircon Repair Service on Sunday?

The Best Aircon Repair Service in Singapore is Open on Sundays 

Hey, is your Aircon unit troubling you? Are you getting any foul odor from your air conditioner? Is it making some nasty noise in the middle of the night or in front of your guests? Is it leaking some water, making the floor of your house look terrible? Well, if you live in Singapore, you do not have to worry much for these problems. The AC (air conditioner) repair services in Singapore do a wonderful job to bring your air conditioner unit back to normal working condition. Fortunately, you can avail their services on Sundays too. If you are looking for “Aircon repair service Sunday,” you can safely rely on @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd.

Easy to Hire:

The company, @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd is a household name in Singapore. This one-stop home services company offers numerous housekeeping, cleaning and repairing services for homes, offices, and large business premises. Of course, they are one of the best companies providing top quality AC (aircon) repairing service in Singapore. You can easily reach their cool website ( by a few clicks of the mouse.

You can contact them through social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. You can get in touch with them thorough emails – they answer your queries promptly. Lastly, you can have a telephonic conversation with them. These polite professionals are always eager to help you. They are always happy to provide any information regarding their services. You need not worry even if it is Sunday. Just visit their website or pick up the phone to get the best “Aircon repair service Sunday.”

The Attractive Price:

@bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd is very popular in Singapore because of its high quality service at an amazing price. This home services company offers Aircon Servicing’ at a very affordable price. They provide four types of Aircon services. The Normal Aircon Service is provided for fan coils and condenser. The service charge can vary from $ 30 – 40 per fan coil. The rate is based on the total number of fan coils in the AC unit. The servicing comes with a warranty of 30 days. The Chemical Cleaning’ can cost you $ 80 per fan coil. It comes with a 60-day warranty. The Aircon Overhaul’ is remarkably cost-effective. It costs you only $ 150 for each fan coil.

Moreover, you get a warranty of 90 days. Finally, the Aircon Checking & Troubleshooting’ service costs you $ 50. However, this amount is waived if you decide to hire their services for rectifying the identified issues. Considering the premium quality service they offer, these charges are very lucrative. Of course, they give you a free price-quotation before starting the work. Since the prices are fixed based on the type or extent of work, you never get an ugly surprise due to inflated charges. Further, the friendly technicians are available at your doorstep, if you are looking for “Aircon repair service Sunday.”

Professional & Expert Service:
The hot and humid weather of Singapore is not always comfortable. People install AC (air conditioner) units in homes and offices to create a cool and pleasant working or living environment. These AC units are expensive. So, it is always wise to service or repair these AC units with properly trained and experienced technicians. The popular home services company, @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd, always employs experienced and certified technicians.

These expert technicians can efficiently carry out the routine servicing and complex troubleshooting tasks. The routine servicing is performed to ensure that the AC unit functions normally without causing any abnormal energy expenditure. A well-serviced AC unit is energy-efficient and it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The cleaning of the dirty filter improves the energy-efficiency and the hygiene level. The accumulated dust on the filters can be a potential breeding place of germs.

If the AC unit is not serviced or cleaned for a long time, the technicians can recommend Chemical Cleaning’ to produce superior results. The certified technicians can recommend Aircon Overhaul’ when necessary. This service takes care of refrigerant replenishing, and checking of all components. It also includes cleaning of the important parts such as filters, fan blades, blower wheel, drain pan, and piping. The experienced technicians can easily detect and rectify any abnormality in the AC unit.

The friendly technicians offer effective remedy for any bad odor coming from your AC unit. They can efficiently rectify problems like water leakages from the AC unit. So, if you are looking for the best “Aircon repair service Sunday,” just pick up your phone and give them a call.

Regular servicing and maintenance is extremely helpful for a long and trouble-free experience with your AC (Aircon) unit. The regular servicing ensures lower energy consumption, thus saving some money for you. In case of any sudden breakdown, hire the best AC (aircon) repairing services in Singapore. You can choose a company like @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd. They offer expert servicing and troubleshooting solutions at a superbly affordable price. You only need to give them a call. After that, it is your time to relax and see the expert technicians doing a wonderful job.

Friday, November 29, 2013

How To Check & Topup Aircon Gas?

You should understand that your aircon unit usually needs aircon gas to function properly. Without this material, your air conditioner unit may have problems. You have to know how you can check and topup aircon gas easily. However, this procedure usually requires some knowledge and skills. Because of that reason, you may want to hire professional companies that can help you top up this refrigerator gas for your aircon unit. This article has some great tips for you who want to refill this gas for your air conditioner unit. There are some important things that you should consider when refilling this gas.

How To Check & Topup Aircon Gas?

a. Check the temperature
This is the easiest way that you can do to check your aircon gas. When the refrigerator gas should be replaced or refilled, you may notice that your air conditioner unit cannot produce cold air. This is the first indicator that you should consider as the best time when you need to refill your aircon gas. This gas is very useful to help your air conditioner convert the hot air to become cold air. This cold air is going to be transferred around your house properly. Whenever you notice that the temperature is a little bit higher than normal, you should check your unit, including the air conditioner gas.

b. Check the water leakage

This is another way that you can use to know if you need to top up and refill the refrigerator gas. In most cases, you may see water leakage in an aircon unit that requires gas top up. This water leakage is caused by incomplete vaporization process that usually occurs in normal aircon unit. Whenever you see water leakage from your air conditioner, you should call professional aircon services around your area. This problem may indicate the needs of refilling the aircon gas.

c. Call professional aircon service company for doing inspection

This is another good tip for you who want to check your aircon unit. There are many high quality aircon services that are available in Singapore. Most companies are able to provide free inspection for all customers. By taking these inspection services, you should be able to find the real problems for your air conditioners. High quality companies are ready to inspect your aircon unit. They are able to find the best answer for your aircon problems. They can also check if you need to topup your aircon gas or not.

d. Hire professional repairmen to fix your gas problems

This is another important thing that you should do when you need to refill and replace your gas system. There are many professional repairmen who are ready to help you top up your gas easily. You do not have to worry about their quality. Most repairmen are able to fix your aircon units easily. It is a good idea to hire these repairmen when you want to refill or top up your aircon gas. By doing so, you can avoid any problems that may occur during the top up process.

e. Check the performance of air conditioner unit for several weeks

After the service is done, you should check the performance of your aircon unit for several weeks. This tip is very important for you who want to enjoy high quality aircon services from reputable companies. In most cases, you only need to have one service for every problem that you may have with your aircon gas. After these companies or repairmen refill the gas of your aircon unit, you should be able to solve these problems effectively. Therefore, you have to monitor the performance of your air conditioner unit properly.

Those are some great tips that you need to do when you want to check and top up the aircon gas properly. There are some high quality aircon services that are available in this country. You have to choose the best service company that can fix your aircon problems effectively. With the help from these companies, you are able to fix any problems that you may have with your air conditioner unit. It is easier for you to hire these professional aircon services than fixing all problems by your own. When hiring these companies, you have to choose the best company that comes with warranty system.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Do We Need To At Least Turn On Our Aircon Once In Awhile?

Having an aircon is definitely a worthwhile investment if you are looking for a way to keep your home cooled. There are so many people who have a tough time when it comes down to using your aircon. If you do not have an aircon, you won't be able to have a cooled home. However, aircon maintenance is very tough to do on your own at times, especially if you are struggling with how you use it. If you use these special tips to help make sure your aircon is working right, you will surely save a lot of time and keep your air conditioning unit working fine.

Do we need to at least turn on our aircon once in awhile?

If you have a unit but you barely use it, it is very true that it may breakdown at any moment because of not using it. It can easily break or may not be capable of working correctly. If you are not using it at all, it may stop learning how to function correctly. Take the time to use it at least once a week or for just an hour per day during the hottest part of the day. It is the best thing you can do. Sometimes, most people do not like using their air conditioning units, but at least once a week is required so it doesn't stop knowing how to work.

Air conditioner tips to make it last long

- Properly Clean

Always properly clean up your entire air conditioning unit. Why? Simply because if it is not that clean, then it will slobber up and plenty of dust will develop inside. Clean the unit itself, but also try your best to clean the outer areas of the unit and even the wall that is near the AC. This will help ensure that none of the dust from there is going to go in.

- Keep It Closed

Always do your best to close all of your windows, doors, and any place else that makes the air of the unit fly out of the room. This saves you money since the air conditioner won't let it go any place else.

- Checked Up

If you feel like you are currently in need of some professional help, then you need to consider having an experienced AC repairman to go through the current problems. Some ACs may not be working the right way at first, so it is always good to look out for the air conditioner and make sure that it is doing all right. Anybody with experience can save you time and lots of stress by fixing the air conditioning unit.

Having an AC is very beneficial, and it can help soothe your home. Use the tips above to help properly maintain it and also make sure it is working the right way. If you want to have it repaired because of a serious problem, then look for somebody with experience to help repair the AC to ensure it does not get even worse.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Do We Need To Service Our Aircon Condenser?

Do We Need To Service Our Aircon Condenser? 

When you have air conditioner unit, you need to make sure that your device is running well and smoothly in order to last longer. One of the main important things in the maintenance and service of the aircon is to pay attention to the proper aircon condenser cleanliness. If you can't really sure that you can do the work correctly and properly, you need to have aircon condenser servicing assistance.

You know that air conditioner is a device that cools off your room during the heat. You also know that it really helps comforting you down when you know that your device is working properly. If you live in hot and humid area like Singapore, you will understand that having the air conditioner is very crucial. After all, not everyone is getting used to the hot temperature of Singapore. Moreover, buying an air conditioner is quite costly here - especially if you are looking for the best and most reliable brands. If you want to ensure its long lasting efficiency and makes sure that you can save a lot of money for any repair or damage, you need to have professional help to do so.

The aircon condenser coil is the part within the air conditioner that is surrounding the compressor. The main problem that usually happens to the condenser coil is the fact that it is often blocked by dust and dirt. Of course it will affect the operation of the compressor. The pile of dust will make the compressor get hot and your device won't have the chance to cool off at all. If it happens for quite long time, the condenser won't last and it will be damaged. That's why it is important to keep the condenser coil clean and be free from any dirt, especially when the air conditioning is operating. Of course you can do the cleaning process on your own, but if you are clueless about what to do, it is always better to have aircon condenser servicing assistance.

Why having the service, anyway? First of all, if you are clueless about the operation of your device and you aren't really familiar with the parts, you need to have professional assistance to help you. You don't want any damage happening to your device, right? By hiring professional experts, you are making sure that your device will stay intact while you keep your device operate for longer period of time. Second, the professional workers know what to do. After all, they have been in the industry for some time, so they are familiar with whatever their clients want and need. Since they know what to do and the basic implementations of their work, you don't have to worry about the result or outcome.

Moreover, the aircon condenser servicing assistance doesn't take high price or long time to finish. Once you hire the experts and you let them do their work, they can always provide the best result. Not to mention that good companies are always providing warranties and guarantees, in case something happens to your device during the cleaning and maintenance process.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How To Save Electricity On Aircon?

How To Save Electricity On Aircon?

Living in Singapore can be challenging. With the hot weather that is experienced in most part of the year, residents have to constantly turn their air conditioners on in able to live and function comfortably in their day-to-day life. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems, as you know are energy guzzlers. If you are not wise about using this appliance, you may end up paying huge for your electric bills. The good news is that there are steps you can do to minimize your energy consumption and still be able to enjoy the comfort of cool air inside your homes in Singapore. By following these tips, living pleasantly without burning a hole in your pocket is definitely possible.

-Use a Programmable Thermostat

According to studies, turning on the air conditioner when you get home and setting it at a low temperature to quickly cool your home’s interior will push the machine to work extra hard. Doing this will significantly increase your energy consumption. A better idea is to keep the air conditioner on for the entire day, but place it on a higher setting since no one will be home. To do this, you would need a programmable thermostat to do the job.

You can program it to increase the temperature during the times you are not home and then it can automatically lower the setting in the late afternoon so that you can arrive to an already cool home. You can also program it to increase the temperature at night when you are asleep since in your unconscious state, it is unlikely that you will feel the added heat.

-Use a Window Aircon Unit

If you are only cooling a small room, then it is best to have a window-type air conditioner for that room because it uses less energy than if you keep a centralized unit running. If you live alone, for instance, you can turn off the central air conditioning system at night and just turn on the window unit in your room.

-Regularly Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners need to be checked up regularly to keep it running efficiently. Clogged filters will make the machine work harder in order to expel colder air in your homes, which is why it is important that you have this cleaned regularly. You can do this on your own, but it is still advisable that you call in the professionals to do annual checkups to make sure that the system is functioning properly and to lengthen its life.

-Remove Obstructions

See if any furniture or curtains are blocking the vents of your air conditioner. You may be setting the temperature too low because you are not getting enough cold air inside, when in fact it could be because there are some obstructions that are hindering the cold air from flowing inside your home freely. Poorly arranged furniture and appliances can be the reason why you are paying high electricity bills.

-Choose Energy Star Units

Air conditioners with Energy Star ratings are known to work efficiently, which means that they use less energy to produce cool air. You can save 10 to 25% less energy if you buy Energy Star aircon units. That is considered huge savings, so be conscious about this when you shop for a new unit.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Can Air Conditioner Make You Fat?

Can Air Conditioner Make You Fat?

Can aircon make you fat? Well, recent studies show that there could be a slight relationship between air conditioning and weight gain.

How Your Air Conditioner Could Be Contributing To Your Weight Gain

Air conditioners are meant to regulate temperature in homes and offices. Using an aircon we are able to achieve something that experts call a "thermo-neutral zone". This is a zone of temperature where we do not really have to bother with regulating our body temperature as the conditions in play are already perfect.

A natural case

When your body is exposed to temperatures that are too low (in an unconditioned environment) it naturally adopts special measures to cope. During this state, it tends to burn out fats in a bid to churn out energy and keep you warm. Likewise, when you are exposed to high temperature, the body tends to adopt a slow-mode to avoid churning out more heat - sweating is usually common.

But what happens when our bodies are exposed to micro-conditions such as those availed courteous of an aircon?
Well a small section of experts is warning that prolonged exposure to an air conditioner could trigger fat build up in just as junk food would. They claim that AC may be a contributing factor to most recent cases of obesity as people tend to eat more when it is cold. Some argue that air conditioners tend to make our homes so comfy that we end up lazing around and consequently burning fewer calories.

A recent study by David Allison of the University of Birmingham (USA) found that air conditioning might make you fat. He listed reduction in variability of ambient temperature as the key-note culprit.

It would be unrealistic to nix Air Conditioners Completely
Despite the findings of this widely-publicized study, well-known culprits that lead to weight gain such as unhealthy eating and lack of physical activity are thought to be at the root of the problem. Thomas Ayoob a professor of Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine believes that the contribution of an air conditioner to weight gain is insignificant and that sedentary lifestyles are entirely to blame. He recommends adopting a healthy, active lifestyle as the best way to manage weight.

Further, Dr. Terril Bravender of Duke University Medical Center argues that the human population is yet to undergo significant genetic drift which could trigger ultimate weight gain due to air conditioning.

Bottom Line

Apparently, air conditioners can make you fat. However, whether this happens or not basically depends on how you live your. If you're one of those people who spend the whole day in the living room doing little physical activity then you are very much likely to gain weight. On the other hand, if you adopt a healthy lifestyle, then it'll be unlikely that your aircon will trigger weight gain. Hope we've answered the question "Can aircon make you fat?" to your satisfaction.

For real time tips on how to find an air conditioner that is suitable for your home (Singapore), please visit this helpful link

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How Exactly Does Aircon Compressor Works?

How Exactly Does Aircon Compressor Works?

An air conditioner or more popularly known as aircon is essential to make us feel comfortable during the summer season. In many tropical countries, the climate can be very hot especially in the mid afternoon. Therefore, many households would certainly invest for an aircon. Continue reading and know more about what makes this machine amazing.

Oftentimes, people think that an air conditioner output cold air inside an enclosed room. However, what it actually does is that it takes away the warm air from the room turning it into cool air. An air conditioner is mainly composed of three major parts which include the compressor, the condenser coil and the evaporator along with the air holder. All air conditioners have all these major components regardless of brand, design or style. The compressor and condenser are the parts located in the exteriors of the room. On the other hand, the evaporator together with the air holderr is the part located inside the room. Although one component cannot work without the other component, the aircon compressor has the most significant task.

 How Does an Aircon Compressor Work?
Basically, an aircon compressor works by pumping hot gasses from the evaporator coil which and the cool holderr. The compressor will then push the low freon gas and eventually compress the warm air. The mechanical motor of the compressor has a piston that moves up and down. As the piston moves down, the warm gas is gathered. As the piston moves up, the warm air is compressed.

The compressed gas will go through the condensing coil where its high temperature is lowered down. This process will turn the air into liquid. As a byproduct, the heat will be pushed away by a fan. The air turned into liquid will go back to the evaporating coil and air holderr. The entire process will draw out the warm in your room.

Aircon Compressor Maintenance

Proper maintenance is very important for you to get the most out of your unit. This will not only keep up the optimal performance of your aircon, but this will also lengthen up the lifespan of your unit. Cleaning your unit periodically is always essential to maintain your aircon's efficiency. You can do the cleaning yourself but what you can only clean are the exterior parts of your unit. To clean your unit thoroughly, it is highly recommended to hire someone who can do the professional cleaning. Another notable benefit of hiring a professional is that they can also check up the unit and run some troubleshooting if your unit is defective.

 Since the air compressor is the component that works the most, it is also the part that easily malfunctions. During a very hot season, there is a tendency that you unit will suddenly shut off by itself. More often than never, the reason behind this is an overheated compressor. In some highly innovated air conditioner, the unit will automatically shut off if it sensed that the room has reached its desired temperature. But if your unit doesn't have this feature, then you ought to turn off your aircon with at least two hours intervals.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5 Reasons Why Your Aircon Condenser Is Making Noise

5 Reasons Why Your Aircon Condenser Is Making Noise 

Aircon is the most perfect thing to have in your home if you are willing to have a better time in Singapore. As it is known to all of us that Singapore is sort of a tropical country where it never snows and for that reason the weather can get pretty much hot like other Asian countries. In such hot condition it is always good to have an aircon at home as most of the people struggle to cope with the excessive temperature in the country. But it is sometimes very much annoying to have aircon condenser as home as this tend to make annoying noise.

Many of us might be thinking what an aircon condenser is. Well, aircon condenser is one of the main parts of an air conditioning unit which helps to cool the vapour that comes through the compressor. Normally it looks like an ordinary coil. These aircon condensers are not only used in aircon but also in refrigerators.
Sometimes aircon condensers become very much noisy and many people fails to figure out why the condenser is making such noise. Here are 5 reasons why your aircon condenser is making noise:

1. If AC units efficiency reduced then it is not unnatural for an aircon condenser to make noise.

2. Overheating of compressor can also be another reason as the compressor is considered as the heart of the AC unit and overheating might cause it to breakdown. Though under ideal condition in such situation it will work fine but when leaks are present then the compressor will prematurely fail. In such case a full replacement of the compressor will be required and if the damage taken by the AC unit is a major one then the whole condensing unit will have to be replaced which would be quite expensive.

3. Low gas level can be another reason for the aircon condenser to make noise. Because, when the gas level is low then the evaporator coil can freeze. In such cases after a period when these breaks down there would be noise occasionally.

4. Fan blades are very important in an aircon device. Sometimes these fan blades get bent and because of being bent they end up brushing across the condenser which eventually cause a very loud and annoying noise to come out of the aircon condenser.

5. The last reason for the aircon condenser making a loud noise is the blockage in the compressor. This blockage can be caused in many ways. Sometimes because of a very low temperature the water which the compressor produces becomes ice and pave the way of water getting its way out of the aircon condenser and when it becomes a major one the blockage occurs and thus there will be a loud noise.
So these are the 5 reasons why your aircon condenser is making loud noise.

In such situation the best thing you can do is to get the experienced mechanic to get it repaired. Though these takes a very short time to solve such issues if you have experience and knowledge still mechanic can do it best.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How To Save Energy For Your Aircon?

How To Save Energy For Your Aircon?
Though you can save energy for aircon during off season by not turning it on but you will have to search for aircon saving tips when the humidity and temperature rises in Singapore in summer and you will be compelled to turn your aircon on. Some of the energy saving tips are provided in this article to guide you in this direction.

Turn your aircon down at night:
At night while sleeping you can turn down your aircon as level of cooling needed during day is not required at that time.

Close the vents:
You can save energy for aircon by closing the vents of the room to retain the cool air within the room. Usually basement is considered as the coolest room of any home so you can also use them to keep yourself cool with closed vent and aircon at lower level of cooling.

Use of portable or window air condition:
You can use window or portable aircon to save energy if you do not need to cool the whole of your home. You can use them when and where you need them.

Ensure the working of ducts:
If the ducts of your air conditioner run through the non air conditioning parts of your home you can save energy by checking their insulation frequently. If the insulation is not proper your aircon will need more energy to provide you required cooling.

Service of aircon:
Regular and frequent servicing pf your aircon will also help you in saving lots of energy as dust and dirt from the environment may choke its filter which will make it difficult for your aircon to work smoothly with lesser energy.

Control the lighting in the room:
You can reduce the heat in your room by turning off the lights if they are needed for some particular work. You can also control the sunlight coming from windows as heat also comes in your room with sunlight.

Reorganize your furniture:
If your furniture is obstructing the way of cool air coming from your aircon then you will not be getting the coolness needed by you. In such condition you should reorganize your furniture to clear up the way of cold air from aircon to reach you directly.

Remember about your fans:
Though with the rise of humidity and temperature in Singapore everyone wants to use aircon to be comfortable but if you use your fan along with aircon to circulate its air to every nook and corner of the room then you can get better results with low energy consumption by you aircon.

Use the blinds on windows:
If you are going out and no one is there to use the cooling of aircon then you should raise the temperature of your aircon and close the drapes and blinds and the windows to maintain the cooling in the room and save some energy for aircon.

Thus by following energy and aircon saving tips provided in this article you can save energy for aircon in abundance.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Can Aircon Servicing Remove Bad Smell From Aircon?

Can Aircon Servicing Remove Bad Smell From Aircon?


It is very important to service the air-conditioning system on a regular basis to ensure maximum performance efficiency. Moisture and outside influences can cause bacterial and fungal contamination to the aircon system which may ultimately lead to foul and unpleasant odor. The accumulation of dust and dirt over a long period of time can also contribute to this nasty odor. If your aircon system is emitting a foul smell when it is running it is important that you get it identified and removed by a professional aircon servicing company.

Reasons for bad smell in an aircon system:

1. Smell may be caused by the airborne microbes that dwell in the warm, dark and humid environment in the indoor fan coil unit. This provides an ideal environment for the mold and mildew to grow and generate musty odors.
2. Accumulation of dust and grime may block the drainage. The water collected in the condensation chamber can ultimately stagnate and produce a loathsome odor.
3. Dust and grime may also accumulate in the air conditioner chambers, filters and grilles and result in an unpleasant smell.
4. Uncontrolled growth of bacteria and other micro organisms in the evaporator can also produce an offensive smell.

Removal of foul odor by aircon servicing company:

A thorough and regular servicing by the aircon servicing company to ensure that all the parts are cleaned properly is the best way for removal of foul odor. The technician will thoroughly check the drain pan, filter, coils and the inside of the air conditioner for obvious signs of mold that may cause the disgusting odor. He may also recommend replacing the fabric duct in the system in case of breakage. In case of central air conditioners he will inspect the air handler because it is here the filter is located and needs to be replaced frequently. If it is not a central air conditioner he may clean the air filter or even replace it if needed.

The serviceman will unplug the system and remove the tubing from it. By implementing a bleach solution he will effectively remove the mold and mildew accumulated in the aircon system. He will also drain the water accumulated in the drip pan and clean it thoroughly with the bleach solution. He will also check the condensation drain line for any foul odors and flush the drain line with bleach and hot water. If these are neglected the microbial contaminants present in the air will combine with the lingering moisture and provide an ideal breeding place for the mold and mildew resulting in a musty and detestable odor. A chemical is sprayed on the evaporator coil to eliminate and discard dust and grime and then thoroughly washed with water. Sometimes a unique anti-microbial product is sprayed on the evaporator coil that protects against moisture build-up and growth of odor-producing organisms. After ensuring that all the aircon system components are completely dry the serviceman will reassemble the unit.


Foul odors related to aircon system can be identified and rectified by trained technicians of the professional aircon servicing companies. A complete service undertaken once in a year will definitely eliminate issues related to foul odor from the aircon system. Routine service also ensures efficient functioning and optimal performance of your aircon system.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do We Really Need To Topup Up Aircon Gas?

Do We Really Need To Topup Up Aircon Gas?

You know very well that when you have an AC unit, you have to consider proper maintenance for it frequently. If you don't, then you will find yourself having to deal with various problems and some of them are not really cheap at all to fix. Results have shown that a regular topup aircon gas will not only improve the performance of your AC system, but at the same time it will also increase its lifespan. On top of that, at the end of the month, you won't have to worry about paying a high electricity bill due to the inefficiency of your AC system.

As you already know, getting an AC unit is a big investment and naturally, like many people out there, you would want to take all the necessary steps in order to protect your investment as best as possible. This can be done by considering periodic maintenance for it and as a result, manage to increase the longevity of your system and make it operate efficiently and economically.

However, when you will have the system serviced by a professional, if there is something that will never fail in being addressed, that is the topup aircon gas. But what does it actually mean when the gas levels are low and people are required to consider a topping up? On top of that, how frequently will this need to be done?

There are many people out there who just don't know the fact that AC units will not take up Freon or refrigerant and under certain conditions, filling up or changing it may not even be required. If the aircon gas levels are low, then it means that somewhere, the system is experiencing a leakage and it needs to be addressed before re-topping with gas.

The good news is that many of the recent AC units on the market are welded in such a way that they prevent leaks. But if you have an older unit, chances are that it has fittings which are mechanically connected. In time though, vibrations will make them go loose which will cause leaks.

Freon leaks can be quite problematic though and below you'll find out why exactly.

1. AC unit's efficiency is reduced considerably

2. An AC unit's heart is considered the compressor and if it overheats, it will eventually breakdown.Under ideal conditions though, the refrigerant gas will cool it effectively, but when leaks are present, the compressor will fail prematurely. That is why generally, a full replacement of the compressor is required. In some cases though, depending on the damage taken by the AC unit, the entire condensing unit has to be replaced, which can be quite expensive.

3. Because of the low gas level, the evaporator coil can freeze.

4. Because it's an EPA controlled substance, Freon is considered hazardous for the environment.

As this article conveys, it's best you never attempt such repairs on your own and that is because you may not have the required experience and training to do so. Getting in touch with a professional though is the better alternative, as he will get the job done on time and with great results.

Monday, July 1, 2013

How Does Aircon Overhaul Work?

How Does Aircon Overhaul Work?

Aircon overhaul is a service procedure carried out to restore an air conditioning unit to its optimum working condition. A full overhaul usually requires disassembly of the entire unit and thorough inspection of all parts. This is usually done as part of routine maintenance on an annual basis. It could become necessary when the air conditioner has not been used for a very long period of time. You may also need to call for an aircon overhaul if your unit is not cooling the air properly, if it is making noise, or the air it circulates has a foul odor. As you read on, you will discover how aircon overhaul works to re-empower the air conditioning system and make it function at maximum capacity.

Removal of Air Blockage
Continuous use of your air conditioner can cause the vents to become blocked by dirt and dust particles. These dust particles can eventually hinder the free flow of air within the unit. So during overhaul, these vents are thoroughly cleaned out with the force of clean compressed air.

Elimination of Accumulated Dust Particles
During normal operation, a large amount of dust particles will accumulate on the fan blades. If the fan blades are not cleaned regularly, the dust could absorb moisture which could result in corrosion of the fan blades. That is why the properly cleaning of the fan blades is one of the most vital aspects of the aircon overhaul process.

Restoration of Corroded Parts
All metallic parts of the unit are treated with appropriate anti-corrosive chemicals. The parts are dismantled and checked for rust. All rusted portions are scraped and re-sprayed to prevent further rusting. Some of the parts that are given anti-corrosion treatment include the fan blades, drain pan, the metal chassis and the outer casing.

Clearing of Drainage Pipe

A blocked drain pipe will not allow the unit to function optimally. This may lead to malfunctioning of the condenser and evaporator. The drain pipe is properly cleaned and checked for any signs of cracks. If necessary, the pipe may be replaced.

Elimination of Operational Noise
Faulty bearings can cause unpleasant noise while the air conditioner is working. In the course of a standard overhaul, all the bearings are examined. Worn out bearings are replaced while those that are still in good condition are properly greased to prevent noise.

Restoration of Cool and Clean Air
After the parts have been checked, cleaned or replaced, they are reassembled. Then the unit is powered on; the quality of air and the rate of cooling are observed. Once the performance is satisfactory, the overhaul service information is written on the machine to inform the owner and the air condition service provider about the work done and the next due date for routine checkup.

In summary, aircon overhaul helps to restore an air conditioner back to its maximum performance. It prevents unnecessary damage of all the working parts. It also helps to eliminate the need for pre-mature replacement of expensive components in the system.

Monday, June 24, 2013

How To Check If My Aircon Is Leaking Freon Gas?

How To Check If My Aircon Is Leaking Freon Gas? 

Aircons are very beneficial because they provide us with a comfortable environment at home or at work throughout all seasons like spring, summer, autumn and at times winter too! These days Singaporeans are enjoying additional benefits from aircons because a majority of them come with filters. These filters catch pollutants, odors, minute airborne particles and mites, thereby producing cleaner and fresher air in the room. However, there are many potential health hazards that aircons can cause, therefore it is necessary to check and maintain one's aircon from time to time to ensure that there is nothing wrong with it and that it is working fine.

One of the potential hazards associated with aircons would be aircon leaking Freon gas. Freon gas is a combination of numerous CFCs or Chlorofluorocarbons, which are used as coolant in case of aircons. At times, it may so happen that there is leakage of Freon gas, such leaks are extremely dangerous both for human beings and for the environment, therefore it is imperative to be able to indentify Freon gas leaks in the aircon as and when they occur. One would be able to tell that aircon leaking Freon gas is happening because the gas has a peculiar smell, slightly sweet, similar to ether or chloroform. The smell would more or less resemble the fragrant of a freshly mowed grass lawn.

One of the best ways of detecting instances of aircon leaking Freon gas would be to use a low flame portable burner. These burners do not harm the components of the AC units and are extremely effective for detecting Freon gas leakage. If there is a leakage of Freon gas then the color of the flame would immediately turn greenish-blue or green. In case of very small leakages, ultraviolet lamps can be used for detection of the same.

Liquid Tracers can be easily found in Singapore. These are very effective for the purpose of detecting leakage of Freon gas because they provide accurate and precise results. A good example of liquid tracers would be fluorescent dyes. These are used along with coolants inside the aircon and the system is permitted to run for a certain period of time. This way, the dye would remain at the leaked spots and it would be extremely easy to locate the malfunctioning or damaged regions of the aircon. Once the purpose is met, one can use cleaning solutions to get rid of the dye spots.

One can also use a handheld leakage detection device for the purpose of detecting Freon leakage. These are advanced electronic devices that are fitted with Freon sensors and can sense its excess presence in the room. These are available in different forms like audio-visual ones or simple audio ones. On detection of your aircon leaking Freon gas, you should replace the parts of the aircon from which leakage is occurring. Generally, it is the evaporation coil that needs to be replaced, but in case the problem is severe then one will have to replace the entire line set including the copper tubing.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

How To Tell If My Aircon Require Topping Up Of Gas?

How To Tell If My Aircon Require Topping Up Of Gas?

It is unimaginable how our daily activities would be without aircons. Most are the times when there are extreme temperatures both at home and in our offices. Thanks to aircons, we can set temperatures in the range that we feel comfortable in. Periodically, aircons need to be serviced and maintained to stay in optimal performance. One of the little known problems is the need to for a gas top up.

Sometimes the tubing system of the aircons is damaged and starts to leak the refrigerant. This might take a short white or take a long time to several years. Almost all of the aircons do leak but most take quite a long time to finish the available refrigerant. It is not a big deal finding the location of the leak. Topping up will just be fine. However, there may be a need to find the location of the leak if the refrigerant runs out in a few weeks time.

How an aircons works

Aircons have three components namely, condensation unit, compression unit and evaporation unit. The three components work together to condition air from outside. The units basically work like a refrigerator. The difference in operation is the fact that the aircons undertakes to regulate temperature in a big area than the refrigerator. They use chemicals that can change air into fluid and back to air thus dehumidifying the air indoors.

The compression unit and condensation units are normally out of the house. The compression unit takes air at low pressure and compresses it into a fluid with high pressure. This fluid then flows to the condensation unit. This unit filters out any heat from the fluid but does not evaporate the fluid. The fluid then moves into the evaporating unit in the house that evaporate it back to air. This cold air cools the house considerably.

Gas top up is simply refers to the action of filling up the refrigerant gas so that the units can work correctly. If there is no gas or the gas is too low, the aircons will not work or if working, it is not able to bring the temperature back to the required level. If the aircons seems to be working just fine but does not bring the room temperature to the required range, its gas reserves might be depleted and needs a refill. The amount of refrigerant gas that the unit requires depends on the size of the aircons and the amount of gas left in the unit.

Several brands in the market sell the refrigerant gas. However, not every brand is of the right quality. Most of the cheap refrigerant gas fills contain hydrocarbons that damage the ozone layer and dangerous to one's health. Before choosing the brand to purchase, one should go through the aircons user's manual or consult a professional technician. International regulations require the gas top up to have an equivalent of 510g of R12 and 468g of R134a. The product should also contain a mark of quality from the country's standardization unit. The process of aircon topping up with gas may require professional aid if one suspects a large leak. Otherwise, the top up gas come with instructions on the process.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

How To Choose The Right Aircon Size For My House?

How To Choose The Right Aircon Size For My House?
If you are seeking for an installation aircon service for your house in Singapore then, there are a few factors which you'll have to consider. There are a number of people out there who make fuss on the aircon size they should get. However, this might appear a bit funny at first although they're making a quite responsible step. Actually, the correct aircon size breaks or makes the temperature in the room.

Well, what the fuss all about?

Let's get it in simple words. When you purchase an aircon unit which is too big for the room, then loads of energy is wasted. Well, that's where the fuss lies, as you have already paid too much since larger aircons are more expensive. So, the bottom line is, a wrong aircon size would surely be ineffective.

How to choose the accurate aircon size?

Selecting the accurate size for your aircon might seem tricky initially. However frankly, all you require is a bit of patience. Here are a few of the things that should be considered by you while selecting an aircon:

1.The size of your room

The capacity and size of your aircon unit would, certainly, depend on the room size - big or small? Logically, you won't purchase a large air conditioning piece for a small room. So, make sure you have the exact dimensions of your room. A number of installation aircon service companies and brands offer charts for suggested sizes for particular room sizes in meters or square feet. Take out quality time to find your room's correct dimension.

2. The general usage of the room

Installation aircon service companies in Singapore will definitely ask you of the number of people who are likely to move in and out from the room on an average basis? If we are talking of a housing area in Singapore, then you should look for an aircon unit which has an average conditioning power as it's possible that there would be a handful of people in your room.

3.Previous aircon's size

There may be a number of specific grounds why you are replacing your old unit. Normally, people want to get new units because their aircon is not performing as per their expectations. It is advised to consider your previous aircon size into account while choosing. Thus, you will build a sort of target on what you must purchase.

Is there a method to determine the size accurately?
Yes. Installation aircon service in Singapore guides you in getting the apt size. You see, it's always better if you compute the size according to specifics. They provide calculation of the accurate aircon size. With their tools they really help in generating the right calculation. You must take the time to utilize them so you'll bank your money as well as effort.

You must perform an in-depth study into the finest Installation aircon service which is offered in Singapore, together with the best technologies and the latest models that are offered. You should moreover ensure that with the budget you can buy an energy competent aircon installation as they will save a lot of your money in the future.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

What Are The Advantages Of Signing Aircon Servicing Contract?

What Are The Advantages Of Signing Aircon Servicing Contract?
Most people in Singapore have air conditioners at home and in their offices. Just like any other device, air conditioners are prone to breakdown especially when we need them most. If the breakdown takes place during times of extreme temperatures, the members of the household or office users could suffer a lot. It is therefore the duty of every person who owns an AC to ensure that it is kept in its optimum working condition. The best way to ensure that the AC is always in the best working condition is to have an agreement with a professional who will be servicing it from time to time. There are many companies in Singapore who allow home owners and office operators to sign an air conditioner service contract. The terms of contract will vary from one company to the other but you can be sure to receive the following benefits if you choose the right company.

No downtime-
A good company will ensure that your AC is always working. A downtime especially in a business platform could lead to devastating effects where your clients will move to your competitors. AC Service Company will carry out regular maintenance on your AC and also respond promptly whenever there is a downtime. If there are two customers who want their air conditioners to be serviced where one of them has a service contract while the other one doesn't, the servicing company will first attend to the one with a service contract before proceeding to the other one who just called from the blues.

Reduced major repair costs-
With regular servicing from a professional company, minor problems with your air conditioner can be identified before they become major repair problems. This helps to save so much costs that would have otherwise be incurred to procure a new AC or to carry out a major repair.

Peace of the mind-
Air conditioners cost a lot of money and they play a very significant role in our lives. Any breakdown could be very troubling to the purchaser. Having signed a servicing contract with a professional, the purchaser can have the peace of mind knowing that if the AC develops any problem, there will be a professional who will respond promptly and address the problem.

Reduced energy cost-
Every household owner would want to learn how to reduce energy bills. Regular maintenance of your AC will ensure that it operates at the most an energy efficient limit which in turn helps to reduce the energy bills.

Warranty protections-
Another reason why servicing contract is so important is due to the fact that some manufacturers will consider the warranty to be null n void if maintenance has not been carried out regularly on the air conditioner. Therefore carrying out regular maintenance with a registered professional could be a good way to ensure that manufacturer's warranty stands.

It is a fact to state that air conditioning servicing contract are very important as they yield many benefits. It is important to be careful when choosing the right company to with which you will sign the servicing contract. If you are looking for such a good company, you should consider Aircon Services in Singapore. Aircon servicing is designed to meet your AC maintenance requirements. With a great experience, you can be sure that signing an Aircon contract would be the best thing you will do to ensure that your AC always serves you well and also that it last for a very long time.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

5 Tips on Air Conditioner Installation for your Home

5 Tips on Air Conditioner Installation for your Home

In case you are looking for a new aircon installation for your home in Singapore there are some factors that you will have to take into consideration. You have to ensure that your home is ready for the installation before the actual installation begins. Fall is usually the best time to have the installation done whether you are looking to purchase a new system or you just want the current system upgraded. The reason for this is because no one really thinks about the air conditioner system as winter approaches and this means that you get great offers to take advantage of. These will also be the appropriate time when companies will have a less busy schedule and thus no installation conflicts. The installation will be done when you are most comfortable with it.

Besides upgrading or having a new aircon installation you might also be interested in checking out the insulation that you currently have. Even though people always think of insulation as only a mechanism of keeping the house warm, it isn't true. The same insulation is also vital when it comes to keeping the house cool. The same way that it prevents the warm air from escaping during winter it also keeps in the cool air during summer. Having the proper insulation will save you a lot in terms of cooling costs and also reduce the work load on your aircon system.

When the house is ready for the aircon installation you can then decide one of the options from the two that you will have. There are two types of installations. One is the whole house units and the other is the portable aircon systems. The portable aircon can be moved from one room to the other and is very ideal for a person who rarely uses some areas of the house. If you have a house that is used non-stop then the whole house aircon installation will be the best choice. This is much more comfortable and easy to operate. It also eliminates the issue of carrying the aircon system every time you relocate to a different area of the house.

The budget and space available are factors that will also have to be considered. The budget will determine the type of aircon installation that you can afford. The good news is that a standard wall mounted aircon can meet your expectations even in a big new house. In terms of space, the ducted aircon will require huge space to be installed. The size will affect its price.The budget that you have should not stand on your way in getting the most ideal aircon installation that will meet all your expectations.

You must carry out an in-depth research into the best aircon installation that is available in Singapore.You should research on the best technologies that they have and the new models that are available. You should also ensure that with your budget you can purchase an energy efficient aircon installation since they will save you a lot of money over a period of time.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to Stop Water Leaking Aircon?

Stop Your Air Conditioner Leaking Water
Air condition has become an essential in all shopping malls, cars, offices as well as most of the households in Singapore. After all, air condition units are machines which will definitely break down some times. Hence, it's important to know how you can troubleshoot your leaking air condition.

First and foremost, it is important we discuss frequently asked question about leaking air condition units. There are three main reasons that cause your air condition to leak. The first one is that drainage pipe could be blocked by dirt particles making difficult for water to drain out, causing leaking in the unit. Secondly, leaking can be caused by poor installation by the contractor whereby there is no proper gradient of the pipe used for drainage. And the last one is the shortage of refrigerant.

Fortunately, by reading this article you will know how to stop this problem. Remember it's important to switch off the power source before trying any of the following.

1.)  Blocked heat exchanger and dirty filters
When your air condition filter or heat exchanger coils are blocked or dirty, this can cause restriction in the air flow. Therefore, the coil temperature can drop below zero causing the moisture in air which is condensing on the coil to freeze and form ice flakes that are blown out of the system; as a result there will be water leakage.

To stop this, check out the filters and in case they are dirty, clean them using a shower head or the hosepipe. Remove all accumulated dirt and spray with a bathroom and a kitchen antiseptic spray in order to kill any mold and bacteria on them.

Also it's important to check aluminum coil found behind the system filters. If it's covered in dry lint, try to vacuuming it carefully with the brush attached on the vacuum cleaner. You'll need to use a strong grease and a garden spray bottle to clean the coil if is particularly dirty.

Use it to spray the coil and then allow it to work for about five minutes. After this, rinse the coil carefully using a spray bottle. By doing so, air flow will be improved and remove dirt on your system. ALWAYS read all instructions given by the manufacture in order to clean your air condition correctly.

2 Blocked Drains
It is easy to diagnose a blocked drain. Water usually leak down the walls from the system back or also drips through its air outlet at the front in case its drain is blocked. Check whether the plastic tray designed to trap the condensate produced when the system is in the cooling mode if is overflowing or full of water. Drain this water in order to clear the blockage.

3 Lost refrigerants
If heat exchanger and air filters are clean and a lot of air is flowing smoothly, the system should deliver plenty cool air. However, if the system has difficulties in cooling the room and then the air vent start leaking water then it might be short-on refrigerant.

This can be corrected by setting a heat-pump to the lowest possible setting and then leave the system to run for few minutes. Then check-the heat exchanging coil under the filter if is covered in ice. If this is the case your air condition has a leak and it need a profession to repair it.

If these tips do not work contact any local air condition service in Singapore for services.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Long Does Air Conditioning Servicing Takes?

How Long Does Air Conditioning Servicing Takes?

In order to work effectively, the air conditioning system needs to be serviced once in a while to ensure that everything is in proper working order. This should only be done by experienced and professional technicians to avoid further problems that may be costly and frustrating to repair or replace.

The time that will be spent servicing the system depends on how much work needs to be done. If there is nothing wrong with it, it may only take a couple of hours as all the technicians need to do is inspect it and clean it out and it is good to go. Some of the factors that might influence the time taken for servicing inlcude:

Too much dirt
Air conditioning systems usually collect up a lot of dirt over time. This might affect the way they operate thus it needs to be cleaned often to make sure that it functions properly without any complications. If the technicians who are servicing it find that there is too much dirt the time they take to work on it might increase as they try and clean it out. This is because this needs to be done carefully so as not to interfere with the other functions of the system.

Parts that need replacement
If you have been using the air conditioning system for a long time, there are some parts that may naturally be affected by wear and tear. Most of the time, this will not require you to replace the entire system. Instead only the problem areas need to be addressed to get the system up and running without any complications. This means that the persons serving the system might have to take some more time working on it if they have to repair some parts than if they were just looking at it to ensure that everything is in order.

Technical difficulties
This is another factor that might increase the time that will be spent servicing the air conditioning system. You might find that the technicians might encounter a problem that they are not really familiar with. This will slow down the pace at which they are working as they may have to consult with one another to come up with the solution that will work on the system.

There are also other misfortunes that may occur like breakdown of the equipment that they are supposed to use. This means that they will have to stall before they can go back to the office to get new equipment to carry on with the task. There are also times when power might go off abruptly meaning they have to wait for it to continue working which might also take some time.

General aircon servicing usually take 20 - 30 minutes per unit, chemical cleaning at about 30 minutes per unit and aircon chemical overhaul takes about 1 hour per unit. The time taken to service the air conditioning system might not be definite due to the factors mentioned above.

This however does not mean that work should go on for months since you will still need to use the system. Consult with the professionals once they have looked at the system to know exactly how much time they will need to work on it. You should also ask for professional tips on how to maintain the system in proper working order to use it for longer without too many problems.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

5 Simple Tips To Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

5 Simple Tips To Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

The air conditioning system of a house largely influences its superiority and makes it a comfortable place for you and your family. A good air conditioner can regulate the temperature of your house and are designed to suit your requirements. Well, you should be acquainted with the fair-cont that the air conditioners are at their very best when they are brand new and they slowly deteriorates with time.

Therefore, if you own an air conditioner for your wonderful house you must engage proper time in maintaining the air conditioning system. Maintaining the air conditioners is a demanding job which needs appropriate knowledge about eair-conh and every aspects of this amazing machine. If you are in search of some valuable information for maintaining your air conditioner, then you are in the right place. Browse through this section to discover some fruitful tips which are tailored to meet your requirements.

1. Using a programmable thermostat
- All the modern day air-cons are very intelligent devices which regulates the temperature by its own and you do not require to change their modes to match the current room temperature, it does it by its own. The operating system which are embedded into these smart devices behaves according to the sensors and changes its mode independently.

Another important aspect of the air-cons are its thermostats which are well-engineered to provide an enjoyable weather even when the air conditioner is switched off. Using a programmable thermostat has a number of facilities which are really impressive. Firstly, it makes sure that you save a large amount of money and secondly it helps your HVAC system to remain in the peak of health. To be more precise, by using programmable thermostat, you are enabling your precious electrical device to switch between modes as per the temperature of your room. Programmable thermostats provides you the luxury of regulating the time slice of your air conditioner for maintaining an ideal climate all throughout the day.

2. Always keep the filters free from dust
- The filters of your air conditioner is considered to be the most important part which should be carefully maintained, especially during the summers. This will make sure that your air conditioner is in its best condition. It is strongly recommended that the filters of an air-con should be cleaned regularly so that they are free from any dust particles, to avoid any complications arising from the device. If in case the filters become clogged, the device would have to work harder to supply an equal amount of cool air and therefore there is a great chance for the compressor to malfunction.

3. Investigate whether the air-con is too old- If you are using the same HVAC system for more than a decade, then its high time for you to replace the whole system. Using an air conditioner which is too old is not only prone to frequent faults but it also magnifies the maintenance cost. The air conditioners nowadays boasts a number of advanced technologies and are carefully designed to conserve energy and they also help you to lower the maintenance cost for your unit.

4. Ensure that there is no freon leaks- Another important thing which should be kept in mind, is to examine the refrigerant level in your air conditioner. You may require the help of the professionals to ensure that there is no freon leaks in the device. It should be noted that the leakage in the refrigerant portions may cause accidental damage to your air conditioning system.

5. Clean the compressor-
The compressor is one of the most essential components of your air conditioner and it must be maintained in a proper way. The compressor and other delicate electrical components should be properly monitored, cleaned, repaired or replaced in air-concordance with the requirements of the air conditioner.

Thus, these were some valuable tips which may assist you to maintain your air conditioner and provide a luxurious and enjoyable climate for you and your loved ones.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

5 Important Air Conditioning Mistakes To Avoid In Singapore

5 Important Air Conditioning Mistakes To Avoid In Singapore

Singapore is such a nice country to live in considering the clean environment and vast opportunities that awaits skilled workers and professionals. However, it can also be a sweat, literally, because of the hot and humid weather the country experiences most of the year. Residents cannot wait to be inside the comfort of their homes and turn their air conditioner on so they can relax. Most of these homeowners, however, do some small mistakes in operating their air conditioningsystems that they do not even realize it. This can cause their electric bills to rise or shorten the life of their units.

Picking the Proper Type of Air Conditioner

First off, when you are just about to buy an air conditioner, you have to know which kind is ideal for your home. Some apartments in Singapore occupy just small spaces that you can cool with an equally small cooling unit. There is no need to buy the big models that, most of the time, are less efficient. Do not waste energy if a window type can be enough to cool your rooms.

Abrupt Cooling

Upon arriving home to a hot home, some people immediately turn on their air conditioner and set it on a very low setting to abruptly cool their surroundings. Unfortunately, this makes the machine work too hard and, thus, uses more energy. Slowly decreasing the temperature setting is the right way to do it. If you have a thermostat-operated unit, you can program it to start cooling your home much earlier so you can arrive home to an already cool environment.

Placing Your Air Conditioner in Direct Sunlight

Your air conditioning system operates on sensors in order to attain the temperature setting you have adjusted it to. If you place it near your window, near heat sources, or directly within the sun's rays, it will initially detect a much hot temperature and, as programmed, would use up the energy required to cool down that amount of heat. In other words, you are using more energy, which you will feel heavily once you get your bill at the end of the month.

Use Your Fan

Some people forget to use their fans and become content that the air conditioning system is adequate to do the job. The truth is, you can make your fans work with your cooling unit to make the drop in temperature faster and to blow cold air to other areas of the house. You room will feel a few degrees colder if you use your fan along with your AC. This means you do not have to set your AC at a very low setting anymore.

Absence of Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of the Unit

Most importantly, some owners forget to clean their aircon filters regularly and have it serviced annually by trained technicians. A clean filter makes your unit run more efficiently and a regular maintenance can prevent major problems that can cause you to spend much to repair. With preventive care, you also lengthen the life of your unit to let you make the most of your investment. Air conditioning units do not come cheap so take care of it if you want to live comfortably and protect your pocket.