Wednesday, January 23, 2013

5 Simple Tips To Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

5 Simple Tips To Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

The air conditioning system of a house largely influences its superiority and makes it a comfortable place for you and your family. A good air conditioner can regulate the temperature of your house and are designed to suit your requirements. Well, you should be acquainted with the fair-cont that the air conditioners are at their very best when they are brand new and they slowly deteriorates with time.

Therefore, if you own an air conditioner for your wonderful house you must engage proper time in maintaining the air conditioning system. Maintaining the air conditioners is a demanding job which needs appropriate knowledge about eair-conh and every aspects of this amazing machine. If you are in search of some valuable information for maintaining your air conditioner, then you are in the right place. Browse through this section to discover some fruitful tips which are tailored to meet your requirements.

1. Using a programmable thermostat
- All the modern day air-cons are very intelligent devices which regulates the temperature by its own and you do not require to change their modes to match the current room temperature, it does it by its own. The operating system which are embedded into these smart devices behaves according to the sensors and changes its mode independently.

Another important aspect of the air-cons are its thermostats which are well-engineered to provide an enjoyable weather even when the air conditioner is switched off. Using a programmable thermostat has a number of facilities which are really impressive. Firstly, it makes sure that you save a large amount of money and secondly it helps your HVAC system to remain in the peak of health. To be more precise, by using programmable thermostat, you are enabling your precious electrical device to switch between modes as per the temperature of your room. Programmable thermostats provides you the luxury of regulating the time slice of your air conditioner for maintaining an ideal climate all throughout the day.

2. Always keep the filters free from dust
- The filters of your air conditioner is considered to be the most important part which should be carefully maintained, especially during the summers. This will make sure that your air conditioner is in its best condition. It is strongly recommended that the filters of an air-con should be cleaned regularly so that they are free from any dust particles, to avoid any complications arising from the device. If in case the filters become clogged, the device would have to work harder to supply an equal amount of cool air and therefore there is a great chance for the compressor to malfunction.

3. Investigate whether the air-con is too old- If you are using the same HVAC system for more than a decade, then its high time for you to replace the whole system. Using an air conditioner which is too old is not only prone to frequent faults but it also magnifies the maintenance cost. The air conditioners nowadays boasts a number of advanced technologies and are carefully designed to conserve energy and they also help you to lower the maintenance cost for your unit.

4. Ensure that there is no freon leaks- Another important thing which should be kept in mind, is to examine the refrigerant level in your air conditioner. You may require the help of the professionals to ensure that there is no freon leaks in the device. It should be noted that the leakage in the refrigerant portions may cause accidental damage to your air conditioning system.

5. Clean the compressor-
The compressor is one of the most essential components of your air conditioner and it must be maintained in a proper way. The compressor and other delicate electrical components should be properly monitored, cleaned, repaired or replaced in air-concordance with the requirements of the air conditioner.

Thus, these were some valuable tips which may assist you to maintain your air conditioner and provide a luxurious and enjoyable climate for you and your loved ones.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

5 Important Air Conditioning Mistakes To Avoid In Singapore

5 Important Air Conditioning Mistakes To Avoid In Singapore

Singapore is such a nice country to live in considering the clean environment and vast opportunities that awaits skilled workers and professionals. However, it can also be a sweat, literally, because of the hot and humid weather the country experiences most of the year. Residents cannot wait to be inside the comfort of their homes and turn their air conditioner on so they can relax. Most of these homeowners, however, do some small mistakes in operating their air conditioningsystems that they do not even realize it. This can cause their electric bills to rise or shorten the life of their units.

Picking the Proper Type of Air Conditioner

First off, when you are just about to buy an air conditioner, you have to know which kind is ideal for your home. Some apartments in Singapore occupy just small spaces that you can cool with an equally small cooling unit. There is no need to buy the big models that, most of the time, are less efficient. Do not waste energy if a window type can be enough to cool your rooms.

Abrupt Cooling

Upon arriving home to a hot home, some people immediately turn on their air conditioner and set it on a very low setting to abruptly cool their surroundings. Unfortunately, this makes the machine work too hard and, thus, uses more energy. Slowly decreasing the temperature setting is the right way to do it. If you have a thermostat-operated unit, you can program it to start cooling your home much earlier so you can arrive home to an already cool environment.

Placing Your Air Conditioner in Direct Sunlight

Your air conditioning system operates on sensors in order to attain the temperature setting you have adjusted it to. If you place it near your window, near heat sources, or directly within the sun's rays, it will initially detect a much hot temperature and, as programmed, would use up the energy required to cool down that amount of heat. In other words, you are using more energy, which you will feel heavily once you get your bill at the end of the month.

Use Your Fan

Some people forget to use their fans and become content that the air conditioning system is adequate to do the job. The truth is, you can make your fans work with your cooling unit to make the drop in temperature faster and to blow cold air to other areas of the house. You room will feel a few degrees colder if you use your fan along with your AC. This means you do not have to set your AC at a very low setting anymore.

Absence of Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of the Unit

Most importantly, some owners forget to clean their aircon filters regularly and have it serviced annually by trained technicians. A clean filter makes your unit run more efficiently and a regular maintenance can prevent major problems that can cause you to spend much to repair. With preventive care, you also lengthen the life of your unit to let you make the most of your investment. Air conditioning units do not come cheap so take care of it if you want to live comfortably and protect your pocket.