Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to Stop Water Leaking Aircon?

Stop Your Air Conditioner Leaking Water
Air condition has become an essential in all shopping malls, cars, offices as well as most of the households in Singapore. After all, air condition units are machines which will definitely break down some times. Hence, it's important to know how you can troubleshoot your leaking air condition.

First and foremost, it is important we discuss frequently asked question about leaking air condition units. There are three main reasons that cause your air condition to leak. The first one is that drainage pipe could be blocked by dirt particles making difficult for water to drain out, causing leaking in the unit. Secondly, leaking can be caused by poor installation by the contractor whereby there is no proper gradient of the pipe used for drainage. And the last one is the shortage of refrigerant.

Fortunately, by reading this article you will know how to stop this problem. Remember it's important to switch off the power source before trying any of the following.

1.)  Blocked heat exchanger and dirty filters
When your air condition filter or heat exchanger coils are blocked or dirty, this can cause restriction in the air flow. Therefore, the coil temperature can drop below zero causing the moisture in air which is condensing on the coil to freeze and form ice flakes that are blown out of the system; as a result there will be water leakage.

To stop this, check out the filters and in case they are dirty, clean them using a shower head or the hosepipe. Remove all accumulated dirt and spray with a bathroom and a kitchen antiseptic spray in order to kill any mold and bacteria on them.

Also it's important to check aluminum coil found behind the system filters. If it's covered in dry lint, try to vacuuming it carefully with the brush attached on the vacuum cleaner. You'll need to use a strong grease and a garden spray bottle to clean the coil if is particularly dirty.

Use it to spray the coil and then allow it to work for about five minutes. After this, rinse the coil carefully using a spray bottle. By doing so, air flow will be improved and remove dirt on your system. ALWAYS read all instructions given by the manufacture in order to clean your air condition correctly.

2 Blocked Drains
It is easy to diagnose a blocked drain. Water usually leak down the walls from the system back or also drips through its air outlet at the front in case its drain is blocked. Check whether the plastic tray designed to trap the condensate produced when the system is in the cooling mode if is overflowing or full of water. Drain this water in order to clear the blockage.

3 Lost refrigerants
If heat exchanger and air filters are clean and a lot of air is flowing smoothly, the system should deliver plenty cool air. However, if the system has difficulties in cooling the room and then the air vent start leaking water then it might be short-on refrigerant.

This can be corrected by setting a heat-pump to the lowest possible setting and then leave the system to run for few minutes. Then check-the heat exchanging coil under the filter if is covered in ice. If this is the case your air condition has a leak and it need a profession to repair it.

If these tips do not work contact any local air condition service in Singapore for services.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Long Does Air Conditioning Servicing Takes?

How Long Does Air Conditioning Servicing Takes?

In order to work effectively, the air conditioning system needs to be serviced once in a while to ensure that everything is in proper working order. This should only be done by experienced and professional technicians to avoid further problems that may be costly and frustrating to repair or replace.

The time that will be spent servicing the system depends on how much work needs to be done. If there is nothing wrong with it, it may only take a couple of hours as all the technicians need to do is inspect it and clean it out and it is good to go. Some of the factors that might influence the time taken for servicing inlcude:

Too much dirt
Air conditioning systems usually collect up a lot of dirt over time. This might affect the way they operate thus it needs to be cleaned often to make sure that it functions properly without any complications. If the technicians who are servicing it find that there is too much dirt the time they take to work on it might increase as they try and clean it out. This is because this needs to be done carefully so as not to interfere with the other functions of the system.

Parts that need replacement
If you have been using the air conditioning system for a long time, there are some parts that may naturally be affected by wear and tear. Most of the time, this will not require you to replace the entire system. Instead only the problem areas need to be addressed to get the system up and running without any complications. This means that the persons serving the system might have to take some more time working on it if they have to repair some parts than if they were just looking at it to ensure that everything is in order.

Technical difficulties
This is another factor that might increase the time that will be spent servicing the air conditioning system. You might find that the technicians might encounter a problem that they are not really familiar with. This will slow down the pace at which they are working as they may have to consult with one another to come up with the solution that will work on the system.

There are also other misfortunes that may occur like breakdown of the equipment that they are supposed to use. This means that they will have to stall before they can go back to the office to get new equipment to carry on with the task. There are also times when power might go off abruptly meaning they have to wait for it to continue working which might also take some time.

General aircon servicing usually take 20 - 30 minutes per unit, chemical cleaning at about 30 minutes per unit and aircon chemical overhaul takes about 1 hour per unit. The time taken to service the air conditioning system might not be definite due to the factors mentioned above.

This however does not mean that work should go on for months since you will still need to use the system. Consult with the professionals once they have looked at the system to know exactly how much time they will need to work on it. You should also ask for professional tips on how to maintain the system in proper working order to use it for longer without too many problems.