Thursday, May 30, 2013

How To Choose The Right Aircon Size For My House?

How To Choose The Right Aircon Size For My House?
If you are seeking for an installation aircon service for your house in Singapore then, there are a few factors which you'll have to consider. There are a number of people out there who make fuss on the aircon size they should get. However, this might appear a bit funny at first although they're making a quite responsible step. Actually, the correct aircon size breaks or makes the temperature in the room.

Well, what the fuss all about?

Let's get it in simple words. When you purchase an aircon unit which is too big for the room, then loads of energy is wasted. Well, that's where the fuss lies, as you have already paid too much since larger aircons are more expensive. So, the bottom line is, a wrong aircon size would surely be ineffective.

How to choose the accurate aircon size?

Selecting the accurate size for your aircon might seem tricky initially. However frankly, all you require is a bit of patience. Here are a few of the things that should be considered by you while selecting an aircon:

1.The size of your room

The capacity and size of your aircon unit would, certainly, depend on the room size - big or small? Logically, you won't purchase a large air conditioning piece for a small room. So, make sure you have the exact dimensions of your room. A number of installation aircon service companies and brands offer charts for suggested sizes for particular room sizes in meters or square feet. Take out quality time to find your room's correct dimension.

2. The general usage of the room

Installation aircon service companies in Singapore will definitely ask you of the number of people who are likely to move in and out from the room on an average basis? If we are talking of a housing area in Singapore, then you should look for an aircon unit which has an average conditioning power as it's possible that there would be a handful of people in your room.

3.Previous aircon's size

There may be a number of specific grounds why you are replacing your old unit. Normally, people want to get new units because their aircon is not performing as per their expectations. It is advised to consider your previous aircon size into account while choosing. Thus, you will build a sort of target on what you must purchase.

Is there a method to determine the size accurately?
Yes. Installation aircon service in Singapore guides you in getting the apt size. You see, it's always better if you compute the size according to specifics. They provide calculation of the accurate aircon size. With their tools they really help in generating the right calculation. You must take the time to utilize them so you'll bank your money as well as effort.

You must perform an in-depth study into the finest Installation aircon service which is offered in Singapore, together with the best technologies and the latest models that are offered. You should moreover ensure that with the budget you can buy an energy competent aircon installation as they will save a lot of your money in the future.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

What Are The Advantages Of Signing Aircon Servicing Contract?

What Are The Advantages Of Signing Aircon Servicing Contract?
Most people in Singapore have air conditioners at home and in their offices. Just like any other device, air conditioners are prone to breakdown especially when we need them most. If the breakdown takes place during times of extreme temperatures, the members of the household or office users could suffer a lot. It is therefore the duty of every person who owns an AC to ensure that it is kept in its optimum working condition. The best way to ensure that the AC is always in the best working condition is to have an agreement with a professional who will be servicing it from time to time. There are many companies in Singapore who allow home owners and office operators to sign an air conditioner service contract. The terms of contract will vary from one company to the other but you can be sure to receive the following benefits if you choose the right company.

No downtime-
A good company will ensure that your AC is always working. A downtime especially in a business platform could lead to devastating effects where your clients will move to your competitors. AC Service Company will carry out regular maintenance on your AC and also respond promptly whenever there is a downtime. If there are two customers who want their air conditioners to be serviced where one of them has a service contract while the other one doesn't, the servicing company will first attend to the one with a service contract before proceeding to the other one who just called from the blues.

Reduced major repair costs-
With regular servicing from a professional company, minor problems with your air conditioner can be identified before they become major repair problems. This helps to save so much costs that would have otherwise be incurred to procure a new AC or to carry out a major repair.

Peace of the mind-
Air conditioners cost a lot of money and they play a very significant role in our lives. Any breakdown could be very troubling to the purchaser. Having signed a servicing contract with a professional, the purchaser can have the peace of mind knowing that if the AC develops any problem, there will be a professional who will respond promptly and address the problem.

Reduced energy cost-
Every household owner would want to learn how to reduce energy bills. Regular maintenance of your AC will ensure that it operates at the most an energy efficient limit which in turn helps to reduce the energy bills.

Warranty protections-
Another reason why servicing contract is so important is due to the fact that some manufacturers will consider the warranty to be null n void if maintenance has not been carried out regularly on the air conditioner. Therefore carrying out regular maintenance with a registered professional could be a good way to ensure that manufacturer's warranty stands.

It is a fact to state that air conditioning servicing contract are very important as they yield many benefits. It is important to be careful when choosing the right company to with which you will sign the servicing contract. If you are looking for such a good company, you should consider Aircon Services in Singapore. Aircon servicing is designed to meet your AC maintenance requirements. With a great experience, you can be sure that signing an Aircon contract would be the best thing you will do to ensure that your AC always serves you well and also that it last for a very long time.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

5 Tips on Air Conditioner Installation for your Home

5 Tips on Air Conditioner Installation for your Home

In case you are looking for a new aircon installation for your home in Singapore there are some factors that you will have to take into consideration. You have to ensure that your home is ready for the installation before the actual installation begins. Fall is usually the best time to have the installation done whether you are looking to purchase a new system or you just want the current system upgraded. The reason for this is because no one really thinks about the air conditioner system as winter approaches and this means that you get great offers to take advantage of. These will also be the appropriate time when companies will have a less busy schedule and thus no installation conflicts. The installation will be done when you are most comfortable with it.

Besides upgrading or having a new aircon installation you might also be interested in checking out the insulation that you currently have. Even though people always think of insulation as only a mechanism of keeping the house warm, it isn't true. The same insulation is also vital when it comes to keeping the house cool. The same way that it prevents the warm air from escaping during winter it also keeps in the cool air during summer. Having the proper insulation will save you a lot in terms of cooling costs and also reduce the work load on your aircon system.

When the house is ready for the aircon installation you can then decide one of the options from the two that you will have. There are two types of installations. One is the whole house units and the other is the portable aircon systems. The portable aircon can be moved from one room to the other and is very ideal for a person who rarely uses some areas of the house. If you have a house that is used non-stop then the whole house aircon installation will be the best choice. This is much more comfortable and easy to operate. It also eliminates the issue of carrying the aircon system every time you relocate to a different area of the house.

The budget and space available are factors that will also have to be considered. The budget will determine the type of aircon installation that you can afford. The good news is that a standard wall mounted aircon can meet your expectations even in a big new house. In terms of space, the ducted aircon will require huge space to be installed. The size will affect its price.The budget that you have should not stand on your way in getting the most ideal aircon installation that will meet all your expectations.

You must carry out an in-depth research into the best aircon installation that is available in Singapore.You should research on the best technologies that they have and the new models that are available. You should also ensure that with your budget you can purchase an energy efficient aircon installation since they will save you a lot of money over a period of time.