Monday, June 24, 2013

How To Check If My Aircon Is Leaking Freon Gas?

How To Check If My Aircon Is Leaking Freon Gas? 

Aircons are very beneficial because they provide us with a comfortable environment at home or at work throughout all seasons like spring, summer, autumn and at times winter too! These days Singaporeans are enjoying additional benefits from aircons because a majority of them come with filters. These filters catch pollutants, odors, minute airborne particles and mites, thereby producing cleaner and fresher air in the room. However, there are many potential health hazards that aircons can cause, therefore it is necessary to check and maintain one's aircon from time to time to ensure that there is nothing wrong with it and that it is working fine.

One of the potential hazards associated with aircons would be aircon leaking Freon gas. Freon gas is a combination of numerous CFCs or Chlorofluorocarbons, which are used as coolant in case of aircons. At times, it may so happen that there is leakage of Freon gas, such leaks are extremely dangerous both for human beings and for the environment, therefore it is imperative to be able to indentify Freon gas leaks in the aircon as and when they occur. One would be able to tell that aircon leaking Freon gas is happening because the gas has a peculiar smell, slightly sweet, similar to ether or chloroform. The smell would more or less resemble the fragrant of a freshly mowed grass lawn.

One of the best ways of detecting instances of aircon leaking Freon gas would be to use a low flame portable burner. These burners do not harm the components of the AC units and are extremely effective for detecting Freon gas leakage. If there is a leakage of Freon gas then the color of the flame would immediately turn greenish-blue or green. In case of very small leakages, ultraviolet lamps can be used for detection of the same.

Liquid Tracers can be easily found in Singapore. These are very effective for the purpose of detecting leakage of Freon gas because they provide accurate and precise results. A good example of liquid tracers would be fluorescent dyes. These are used along with coolants inside the aircon and the system is permitted to run for a certain period of time. This way, the dye would remain at the leaked spots and it would be extremely easy to locate the malfunctioning or damaged regions of the aircon. Once the purpose is met, one can use cleaning solutions to get rid of the dye spots.

One can also use a handheld leakage detection device for the purpose of detecting Freon leakage. These are advanced electronic devices that are fitted with Freon sensors and can sense its excess presence in the room. These are available in different forms like audio-visual ones or simple audio ones. On detection of your aircon leaking Freon gas, you should replace the parts of the aircon from which leakage is occurring. Generally, it is the evaporation coil that needs to be replaced, but in case the problem is severe then one will have to replace the entire line set including the copper tubing.