Sunday, June 23, 2013

How To Tell If My Aircon Require Topping Up Of Gas?

How To Tell If My Aircon Require Topping Up Of Gas?

It is unimaginable how our daily activities would be without aircons. Most are the times when there are extreme temperatures both at home and in our offices. Thanks to aircons, we can set temperatures in the range that we feel comfortable in. Periodically, aircons need to be serviced and maintained to stay in optimal performance. One of the little known problems is the need to for a gas top up.

Sometimes the tubing system of the aircons is damaged and starts to leak the refrigerant. This might take a short white or take a long time to several years. Almost all of the aircons do leak but most take quite a long time to finish the available refrigerant. It is not a big deal finding the location of the leak. Topping up will just be fine. However, there may be a need to find the location of the leak if the refrigerant runs out in a few weeks time.

How an aircons works

Aircons have three components namely, condensation unit, compression unit and evaporation unit. The three components work together to condition air from outside. The units basically work like a refrigerator. The difference in operation is the fact that the aircons undertakes to regulate temperature in a big area than the refrigerator. They use chemicals that can change air into fluid and back to air thus dehumidifying the air indoors.

The compression unit and condensation units are normally out of the house. The compression unit takes air at low pressure and compresses it into a fluid with high pressure. This fluid then flows to the condensation unit. This unit filters out any heat from the fluid but does not evaporate the fluid. The fluid then moves into the evaporating unit in the house that evaporate it back to air. This cold air cools the house considerably.

Gas top up is simply refers to the action of filling up the refrigerant gas so that the units can work correctly. If there is no gas or the gas is too low, the aircons will not work or if working, it is not able to bring the temperature back to the required level. If the aircons seems to be working just fine but does not bring the room temperature to the required range, its gas reserves might be depleted and needs a refill. The amount of refrigerant gas that the unit requires depends on the size of the aircons and the amount of gas left in the unit.

Several brands in the market sell the refrigerant gas. However, not every brand is of the right quality. Most of the cheap refrigerant gas fills contain hydrocarbons that damage the ozone layer and dangerous to one's health. Before choosing the brand to purchase, one should go through the aircons user's manual or consult a professional technician. International regulations require the gas top up to have an equivalent of 510g of R12 and 468g of R134a. The product should also contain a mark of quality from the country's standardization unit. The process of aircon topping up with gas may require professional aid if one suspects a large leak. Otherwise, the top up gas come with instructions on the process.