Sunday, July 14, 2013

Can Aircon Servicing Remove Bad Smell From Aircon?

Can Aircon Servicing Remove Bad Smell From Aircon?


It is very important to service the air-conditioning system on a regular basis to ensure maximum performance efficiency. Moisture and outside influences can cause bacterial and fungal contamination to the aircon system which may ultimately lead to foul and unpleasant odor. The accumulation of dust and dirt over a long period of time can also contribute to this nasty odor. If your aircon system is emitting a foul smell when it is running it is important that you get it identified and removed by a professional aircon servicing company.

Reasons for bad smell in an aircon system:

1. Smell may be caused by the airborne microbes that dwell in the warm, dark and humid environment in the indoor fan coil unit. This provides an ideal environment for the mold and mildew to grow and generate musty odors.
2. Accumulation of dust and grime may block the drainage. The water collected in the condensation chamber can ultimately stagnate and produce a loathsome odor.
3. Dust and grime may also accumulate in the air conditioner chambers, filters and grilles and result in an unpleasant smell.
4. Uncontrolled growth of bacteria and other micro organisms in the evaporator can also produce an offensive smell.

Removal of foul odor by aircon servicing company:

A thorough and regular servicing by the aircon servicing company to ensure that all the parts are cleaned properly is the best way for removal of foul odor. The technician will thoroughly check the drain pan, filter, coils and the inside of the air conditioner for obvious signs of mold that may cause the disgusting odor. He may also recommend replacing the fabric duct in the system in case of breakage. In case of central air conditioners he will inspect the air handler because it is here the filter is located and needs to be replaced frequently. If it is not a central air conditioner he may clean the air filter or even replace it if needed.

The serviceman will unplug the system and remove the tubing from it. By implementing a bleach solution he will effectively remove the mold and mildew accumulated in the aircon system. He will also drain the water accumulated in the drip pan and clean it thoroughly with the bleach solution. He will also check the condensation drain line for any foul odors and flush the drain line with bleach and hot water. If these are neglected the microbial contaminants present in the air will combine with the lingering moisture and provide an ideal breeding place for the mold and mildew resulting in a musty and detestable odor. A chemical is sprayed on the evaporator coil to eliminate and discard dust and grime and then thoroughly washed with water. Sometimes a unique anti-microbial product is sprayed on the evaporator coil that protects against moisture build-up and growth of odor-producing organisms. After ensuring that all the aircon system components are completely dry the serviceman will reassemble the unit.


Foul odors related to aircon system can be identified and rectified by trained technicians of the professional aircon servicing companies. A complete service undertaken once in a year will definitely eliminate issues related to foul odor from the aircon system. Routine service also ensures efficient functioning and optimal performance of your aircon system.