Monday, July 1, 2013

How Does Aircon Overhaul Work?

How Does Aircon Overhaul Work?

Aircon overhaul is a service procedure carried out to restore an air conditioning unit to its optimum working condition. A full overhaul usually requires disassembly of the entire unit and thorough inspection of all parts. This is usually done as part of routine maintenance on an annual basis. It could become necessary when the air conditioner has not been used for a very long period of time. You may also need to call for an aircon overhaul if your unit is not cooling the air properly, if it is making noise, or the air it circulates has a foul odor. As you read on, you will discover how aircon overhaul works to re-empower the air conditioning system and make it function at maximum capacity.

Removal of Air Blockage
Continuous use of your air conditioner can cause the vents to become blocked by dirt and dust particles. These dust particles can eventually hinder the free flow of air within the unit. So during overhaul, these vents are thoroughly cleaned out with the force of clean compressed air.

Elimination of Accumulated Dust Particles
During normal operation, a large amount of dust particles will accumulate on the fan blades. If the fan blades are not cleaned regularly, the dust could absorb moisture which could result in corrosion of the fan blades. That is why the properly cleaning of the fan blades is one of the most vital aspects of the aircon overhaul process.

Restoration of Corroded Parts
All metallic parts of the unit are treated with appropriate anti-corrosive chemicals. The parts are dismantled and checked for rust. All rusted portions are scraped and re-sprayed to prevent further rusting. Some of the parts that are given anti-corrosion treatment include the fan blades, drain pan, the metal chassis and the outer casing.

Clearing of Drainage Pipe

A blocked drain pipe will not allow the unit to function optimally. This may lead to malfunctioning of the condenser and evaporator. The drain pipe is properly cleaned and checked for any signs of cracks. If necessary, the pipe may be replaced.

Elimination of Operational Noise
Faulty bearings can cause unpleasant noise while the air conditioner is working. In the course of a standard overhaul, all the bearings are examined. Worn out bearings are replaced while those that are still in good condition are properly greased to prevent noise.

Restoration of Cool and Clean Air
After the parts have been checked, cleaned or replaced, they are reassembled. Then the unit is powered on; the quality of air and the rate of cooling are observed. Once the performance is satisfactory, the overhaul service information is written on the machine to inform the owner and the air condition service provider about the work done and the next due date for routine checkup.

In summary, aircon overhaul helps to restore an air conditioner back to its maximum performance. It prevents unnecessary damage of all the working parts. It also helps to eliminate the need for pre-mature replacement of expensive components in the system.