Thursday, August 29, 2013

Can Air Conditioner Make You Fat?

Can Air Conditioner Make You Fat?

Can aircon make you fat? Well, recent studies show that there could be a slight relationship between air conditioning and weight gain.

How Your Air Conditioner Could Be Contributing To Your Weight Gain

Air conditioners are meant to regulate temperature in homes and offices. Using an aircon we are able to achieve something that experts call a "thermo-neutral zone". This is a zone of temperature where we do not really have to bother with regulating our body temperature as the conditions in play are already perfect.

A natural case

When your body is exposed to temperatures that are too low (in an unconditioned environment) it naturally adopts special measures to cope. During this state, it tends to burn out fats in a bid to churn out energy and keep you warm. Likewise, when you are exposed to high temperature, the body tends to adopt a slow-mode to avoid churning out more heat - sweating is usually common.

But what happens when our bodies are exposed to micro-conditions such as those availed courteous of an aircon?
Well a small section of experts is warning that prolonged exposure to an air conditioner could trigger fat build up in just as junk food would. They claim that AC may be a contributing factor to most recent cases of obesity as people tend to eat more when it is cold. Some argue that air conditioners tend to make our homes so comfy that we end up lazing around and consequently burning fewer calories.

A recent study by David Allison of the University of Birmingham (USA) found that air conditioning might make you fat. He listed reduction in variability of ambient temperature as the key-note culprit.

It would be unrealistic to nix Air Conditioners Completely
Despite the findings of this widely-publicized study, well-known culprits that lead to weight gain such as unhealthy eating and lack of physical activity are thought to be at the root of the problem. Thomas Ayoob a professor of Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine believes that the contribution of an air conditioner to weight gain is insignificant and that sedentary lifestyles are entirely to blame. He recommends adopting a healthy, active lifestyle as the best way to manage weight.

Further, Dr. Terril Bravender of Duke University Medical Center argues that the human population is yet to undergo significant genetic drift which could trigger ultimate weight gain due to air conditioning.

Bottom Line

Apparently, air conditioners can make you fat. However, whether this happens or not basically depends on how you live your. If you're one of those people who spend the whole day in the living room doing little physical activity then you are very much likely to gain weight. On the other hand, if you adopt a healthy lifestyle, then it'll be unlikely that your aircon will trigger weight gain. Hope we've answered the question "Can aircon make you fat?" to your satisfaction.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How Exactly Does Aircon Compressor Works?

How Exactly Does Aircon Compressor Works?

An air conditioner or more popularly known as aircon is essential to make us feel comfortable during the summer season. In many tropical countries, the climate can be very hot especially in the mid afternoon. Therefore, many households would certainly invest for an aircon. Continue reading and know more about what makes this machine amazing.

Oftentimes, people think that an air conditioner output cold air inside an enclosed room. However, what it actually does is that it takes away the warm air from the room turning it into cool air. An air conditioner is mainly composed of three major parts which include the compressor, the condenser coil and the evaporator along with the air holder. All air conditioners have all these major components regardless of brand, design or style. The compressor and condenser are the parts located in the exteriors of the room. On the other hand, the evaporator together with the air holderr is the part located inside the room. Although one component cannot work without the other component, the aircon compressor has the most significant task.

 How Does an Aircon Compressor Work?
Basically, an aircon compressor works by pumping hot gasses from the evaporator coil which and the cool holderr. The compressor will then push the low freon gas and eventually compress the warm air. The mechanical motor of the compressor has a piston that moves up and down. As the piston moves down, the warm gas is gathered. As the piston moves up, the warm air is compressed.

The compressed gas will go through the condensing coil where its high temperature is lowered down. This process will turn the air into liquid. As a byproduct, the heat will be pushed away by a fan. The air turned into liquid will go back to the evaporating coil and air holderr. The entire process will draw out the warm in your room.

Aircon Compressor Maintenance

Proper maintenance is very important for you to get the most out of your unit. This will not only keep up the optimal performance of your aircon, but this will also lengthen up the lifespan of your unit. Cleaning your unit periodically is always essential to maintain your aircon's efficiency. You can do the cleaning yourself but what you can only clean are the exterior parts of your unit. To clean your unit thoroughly, it is highly recommended to hire someone who can do the professional cleaning. Another notable benefit of hiring a professional is that they can also check up the unit and run some troubleshooting if your unit is defective.

 Since the air compressor is the component that works the most, it is also the part that easily malfunctions. During a very hot season, there is a tendency that you unit will suddenly shut off by itself. More often than never, the reason behind this is an overheated compressor. In some highly innovated air conditioner, the unit will automatically shut off if it sensed that the room has reached its desired temperature. But if your unit doesn't have this feature, then you ought to turn off your aircon with at least two hours intervals.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5 Reasons Why Your Aircon Condenser Is Making Noise

5 Reasons Why Your Aircon Condenser Is Making Noise 

Aircon is the most perfect thing to have in your home if you are willing to have a better time in Singapore. As it is known to all of us that Singapore is sort of a tropical country where it never snows and for that reason the weather can get pretty much hot like other Asian countries. In such hot condition it is always good to have an aircon at home as most of the people struggle to cope with the excessive temperature in the country. But it is sometimes very much annoying to have aircon condenser as home as this tend to make annoying noise.

Many of us might be thinking what an aircon condenser is. Well, aircon condenser is one of the main parts of an air conditioning unit which helps to cool the vapour that comes through the compressor. Normally it looks like an ordinary coil. These aircon condensers are not only used in aircon but also in refrigerators.
Sometimes aircon condensers become very much noisy and many people fails to figure out why the condenser is making such noise. Here are 5 reasons why your aircon condenser is making noise:

1. If AC units efficiency reduced then it is not unnatural for an aircon condenser to make noise.

2. Overheating of compressor can also be another reason as the compressor is considered as the heart of the AC unit and overheating might cause it to breakdown. Though under ideal condition in such situation it will work fine but when leaks are present then the compressor will prematurely fail. In such case a full replacement of the compressor will be required and if the damage taken by the AC unit is a major one then the whole condensing unit will have to be replaced which would be quite expensive.

3. Low gas level can be another reason for the aircon condenser to make noise. Because, when the gas level is low then the evaporator coil can freeze. In such cases after a period when these breaks down there would be noise occasionally.

4. Fan blades are very important in an aircon device. Sometimes these fan blades get bent and because of being bent they end up brushing across the condenser which eventually cause a very loud and annoying noise to come out of the aircon condenser.

5. The last reason for the aircon condenser making a loud noise is the blockage in the compressor. This blockage can be caused in many ways. Sometimes because of a very low temperature the water which the compressor produces becomes ice and pave the way of water getting its way out of the aircon condenser and when it becomes a major one the blockage occurs and thus there will be a loud noise.
So these are the 5 reasons why your aircon condenser is making loud noise.

In such situation the best thing you can do is to get the experienced mechanic to get it repaired. Though these takes a very short time to solve such issues if you have experience and knowledge still mechanic can do it best.