Monday, September 30, 2013

Do We Need To At Least Turn On Our Aircon Once In Awhile?

Having an aircon is definitely a worthwhile investment if you are looking for a way to keep your home cooled. There are so many people who have a tough time when it comes down to using your aircon. If you do not have an aircon, you won't be able to have a cooled home. However, aircon maintenance is very tough to do on your own at times, especially if you are struggling with how you use it. If you use these special tips to help make sure your aircon is working right, you will surely save a lot of time and keep your air conditioning unit working fine.

Do we need to at least turn on our aircon once in awhile?

If you have a unit but you barely use it, it is very true that it may breakdown at any moment because of not using it. It can easily break or may not be capable of working correctly. If you are not using it at all, it may stop learning how to function correctly. Take the time to use it at least once a week or for just an hour per day during the hottest part of the day. It is the best thing you can do. Sometimes, most people do not like using their air conditioning units, but at least once a week is required so it doesn't stop knowing how to work.

Air conditioner tips to make it last long

- Properly Clean

Always properly clean up your entire air conditioning unit. Why? Simply because if it is not that clean, then it will slobber up and plenty of dust will develop inside. Clean the unit itself, but also try your best to clean the outer areas of the unit and even the wall that is near the AC. This will help ensure that none of the dust from there is going to go in.

- Keep It Closed

Always do your best to close all of your windows, doors, and any place else that makes the air of the unit fly out of the room. This saves you money since the air conditioner won't let it go any place else.

- Checked Up

If you feel like you are currently in need of some professional help, then you need to consider having an experienced AC repairman to go through the current problems. Some ACs may not be working the right way at first, so it is always good to look out for the air conditioner and make sure that it is doing all right. Anybody with experience can save you time and lots of stress by fixing the air conditioning unit.

Having an AC is very beneficial, and it can help soothe your home. Use the tips above to help properly maintain it and also make sure it is working the right way. If you want to have it repaired because of a serious problem, then look for somebody with experience to help repair the AC to ensure it does not get even worse.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Do We Need To Service Our Aircon Condenser?

Do We Need To Service Our Aircon Condenser? 

When you have air conditioner unit, you need to make sure that your device is running well and smoothly in order to last longer. One of the main important things in the maintenance and service of the aircon is to pay attention to the proper aircon condenser cleanliness. If you can't really sure that you can do the work correctly and properly, you need to have aircon condenser servicing assistance.

You know that air conditioner is a device that cools off your room during the heat. You also know that it really helps comforting you down when you know that your device is working properly. If you live in hot and humid area like Singapore, you will understand that having the air conditioner is very crucial. After all, not everyone is getting used to the hot temperature of Singapore. Moreover, buying an air conditioner is quite costly here - especially if you are looking for the best and most reliable brands. If you want to ensure its long lasting efficiency and makes sure that you can save a lot of money for any repair or damage, you need to have professional help to do so.

The aircon condenser coil is the part within the air conditioner that is surrounding the compressor. The main problem that usually happens to the condenser coil is the fact that it is often blocked by dust and dirt. Of course it will affect the operation of the compressor. The pile of dust will make the compressor get hot and your device won't have the chance to cool off at all. If it happens for quite long time, the condenser won't last and it will be damaged. That's why it is important to keep the condenser coil clean and be free from any dirt, especially when the air conditioning is operating. Of course you can do the cleaning process on your own, but if you are clueless about what to do, it is always better to have aircon condenser servicing assistance.

Why having the service, anyway? First of all, if you are clueless about the operation of your device and you aren't really familiar with the parts, you need to have professional assistance to help you. You don't want any damage happening to your device, right? By hiring professional experts, you are making sure that your device will stay intact while you keep your device operate for longer period of time. Second, the professional workers know what to do. After all, they have been in the industry for some time, so they are familiar with whatever their clients want and need. Since they know what to do and the basic implementations of their work, you don't have to worry about the result or outcome.

Moreover, the aircon condenser servicing assistance doesn't take high price or long time to finish. Once you hire the experts and you let them do their work, they can always provide the best result. Not to mention that good companies are always providing warranties and guarantees, in case something happens to your device during the cleaning and maintenance process.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How To Save Electricity On Aircon?

How To Save Electricity On Aircon?

Living in Singapore can be challenging. With the hot weather that is experienced in most part of the year, residents have to constantly turn their air conditioners on in able to live and function comfortably in their day-to-day life. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems, as you know are energy guzzlers. If you are not wise about using this appliance, you may end up paying huge for your electric bills. The good news is that there are steps you can do to minimize your energy consumption and still be able to enjoy the comfort of cool air inside your homes in Singapore. By following these tips, living pleasantly without burning a hole in your pocket is definitely possible.

-Use a Programmable Thermostat

According to studies, turning on the air conditioner when you get home and setting it at a low temperature to quickly cool your home’s interior will push the machine to work extra hard. Doing this will significantly increase your energy consumption. A better idea is to keep the air conditioner on for the entire day, but place it on a higher setting since no one will be home. To do this, you would need a programmable thermostat to do the job.

You can program it to increase the temperature during the times you are not home and then it can automatically lower the setting in the late afternoon so that you can arrive to an already cool home. You can also program it to increase the temperature at night when you are asleep since in your unconscious state, it is unlikely that you will feel the added heat.

-Use a Window Aircon Unit

If you are only cooling a small room, then it is best to have a window-type air conditioner for that room because it uses less energy than if you keep a centralized unit running. If you live alone, for instance, you can turn off the central air conditioning system at night and just turn on the window unit in your room.

-Regularly Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners need to be checked up regularly to keep it running efficiently. Clogged filters will make the machine work harder in order to expel colder air in your homes, which is why it is important that you have this cleaned regularly. You can do this on your own, but it is still advisable that you call in the professionals to do annual checkups to make sure that the system is functioning properly and to lengthen its life.

-Remove Obstructions

See if any furniture or curtains are blocking the vents of your air conditioner. You may be setting the temperature too low because you are not getting enough cold air inside, when in fact it could be because there are some obstructions that are hindering the cold air from flowing inside your home freely. Poorly arranged furniture and appliances can be the reason why you are paying high electricity bills.

-Choose Energy Star Units

Air conditioners with Energy Star ratings are known to work efficiently, which means that they use less energy to produce cool air. You can save 10 to 25% less energy if you buy Energy Star aircon units. That is considered huge savings, so be conscious about this when you shop for a new unit.