Thursday, December 12, 2013

Is There Aircon Repair Service on Sunday?

The Best Aircon Repair Service in Singapore is Open on Sundays 

Hey, is your Aircon unit troubling you? Are you getting any foul odor from your air conditioner? Is it making some nasty noise in the middle of the night or in front of your guests? Is it leaking some water, making the floor of your house look terrible? Well, if you live in Singapore, you do not have to worry much for these problems. The AC (air conditioner) repair services in Singapore do a wonderful job to bring your air conditioner unit back to normal working condition. Fortunately, you can avail their services on Sundays too. If you are looking for “Aircon repair service Sunday,” you can safely rely on @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd.

Easy to Hire:

The company, @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd is a household name in Singapore. This one-stop home services company offers numerous housekeeping, cleaning and repairing services for homes, offices, and large business premises. Of course, they are one of the best companies providing top quality AC (aircon) repairing service in Singapore. You can easily reach their cool website ( by a few clicks of the mouse.

You can contact them through social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. You can get in touch with them thorough emails – they answer your queries promptly. Lastly, you can have a telephonic conversation with them. These polite professionals are always eager to help you. They are always happy to provide any information regarding their services. You need not worry even if it is Sunday. Just visit their website or pick up the phone to get the best “Aircon repair service Sunday.”

The Attractive Price:

@bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd is very popular in Singapore because of its high quality service at an amazing price. This home services company offers Aircon Servicing’ at a very affordable price. They provide four types of Aircon services. The Normal Aircon Service is provided for fan coils and condenser. The service charge can vary from $ 30 – 40 per fan coil. The rate is based on the total number of fan coils in the AC unit. The servicing comes with a warranty of 30 days. The Chemical Cleaning’ can cost you $ 80 per fan coil. It comes with a 60-day warranty. The Aircon Overhaul’ is remarkably cost-effective. It costs you only $ 150 for each fan coil.

Moreover, you get a warranty of 90 days. Finally, the Aircon Checking & Troubleshooting’ service costs you $ 50. However, this amount is waived if you decide to hire their services for rectifying the identified issues. Considering the premium quality service they offer, these charges are very lucrative. Of course, they give you a free price-quotation before starting the work. Since the prices are fixed based on the type or extent of work, you never get an ugly surprise due to inflated charges. Further, the friendly technicians are available at your doorstep, if you are looking for “Aircon repair service Sunday.”

Professional & Expert Service:
The hot and humid weather of Singapore is not always comfortable. People install AC (air conditioner) units in homes and offices to create a cool and pleasant working or living environment. These AC units are expensive. So, it is always wise to service or repair these AC units with properly trained and experienced technicians. The popular home services company, @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd, always employs experienced and certified technicians.

These expert technicians can efficiently carry out the routine servicing and complex troubleshooting tasks. The routine servicing is performed to ensure that the AC unit functions normally without causing any abnormal energy expenditure. A well-serviced AC unit is energy-efficient and it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The cleaning of the dirty filter improves the energy-efficiency and the hygiene level. The accumulated dust on the filters can be a potential breeding place of germs.

If the AC unit is not serviced or cleaned for a long time, the technicians can recommend Chemical Cleaning’ to produce superior results. The certified technicians can recommend Aircon Overhaul’ when necessary. This service takes care of refrigerant replenishing, and checking of all components. It also includes cleaning of the important parts such as filters, fan blades, blower wheel, drain pan, and piping. The experienced technicians can easily detect and rectify any abnormality in the AC unit.

The friendly technicians offer effective remedy for any bad odor coming from your AC unit. They can efficiently rectify problems like water leakages from the AC unit. So, if you are looking for the best “Aircon repair service Sunday,” just pick up your phone and give them a call.

Regular servicing and maintenance is extremely helpful for a long and trouble-free experience with your AC (Aircon) unit. The regular servicing ensures lower energy consumption, thus saving some money for you. In case of any sudden breakdown, hire the best AC (aircon) repairing services in Singapore. You can choose a company like @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd. They offer expert servicing and troubleshooting solutions at a superbly affordable price. You only need to give them a call. After that, it is your time to relax and see the expert technicians doing a wonderful job.