Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Aircon Services Singapore - Leading Aircon Company

The company has a lot of experience in the field of servicing Aircon air conditioners in Singapore where it has gained good reputation over the years that it has been serving the residents in Singapore .Most of the customers that the company has served in Singapore have provided useful reviews that you can easily access in case you visit different websites that offer reviews about the companies serving Singaporeans in air condition services. You may like to save money in accessing Aircon services in Singapore.

 In such a case you will be required to carry out price comparison. In comparing the rates in different companies you will discover that Aircon Services Singapore rates are among the best rates that you can access in Singapore.
 Types of services that Aircon Services Singapore Company offers

 The company offers air condition services for both homes and offices .In case you have an office in Singapore where you will like to have air-condition carried out buy just dialing 9662 6134 you will be able to contact the company .The company has well organized customer care where they will attend to your enquires in good time .In case it is an emergency be assured you will get the problem fixed as soon as possible to avoid you any losses that you may be forced to incur in case of any delay.
 Rates of the services offered by Aircon Services Singapore


 When it comes to rates you may like to save more. First the company has a gift voucher that you can claim for you to save on the rates of the services that you will access from the company. The company has well designed systems where you will be able to access gift vouchers sponsored by E homes services where you will be able to save some amount that you can use to access other services that you may need in your home. The company has split its services into different categories where it charges different charges as indicated below:
 General Air-con servicing

 -For one coil fan you will be required to pay $40
 -For 2-4 fan coils you will be required to part with $35 for each fan coil
 -For five and above fan coils you will have to pay $30 each
 Chemical washing services

 - Per AC unit you will be required to pay $80

 Chemical overhaul service

 -For one fan you will pay $150
 -For two to four fans you will part with $130 each
 -Five and above the rate is $120 each

 General Services for condenser is $40 each and that for chemical cleaning of condenser is $80. In case you will like to have trouble shooting of your Aircon air-condition the experts will trouble shoot and inspect it at a rate of $50 which will later be waived from the total bill.
 Benefits of services offered by Aircon Services Singapore

 There are different services offered by the company. For instance the repair services offered by the company on Aircon air conditioners have a lot of benefits that you will enjoy as a customer .For instance you will be able to save on your money that you will use in running your air conditioners. This will be evident where you will be able to use your Aircon for a long period time without any need for you to replace it which will cost you a lot of money .The Company will also allow you save on the cost of energy where your Aircon air conditioner will be more efficient in using energy.

 Your company will also enjoy clean air where the conditioner will work efficiently in conditioning the air in case you were using the system in your home .This will make you realize the value of your money that you may have used to buy the air conditioner .It will also be a great convince for you in working with qualified experts from the company because they will offer you quality services.

 For more information you can visit the official website of the company through visiting,