Friday, November 20, 2015

Panasonic vs Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

Living in Singapore with its intense temperatures, heat and humidity, there are very few people who do not own an air conditioner. Singaporeans invest in air conditioners for their homes and the majority of offices and businesses provide a cool environment with high quality air for workers and customers. The amount of brands available, however make choosing the best air conditioner a difficult choice. 

This article look at two of the top brands in air conditioning, Panasonic and Mitsubishi. These two players are popular, not only in Singapore, but used by millions of consumers, homeowners, and businesses around the world. We compare Panasonic vs Mitsubishi to provide you with valuable information if you are in the market for a new or replacement air conditioner.

Living in Singapore and you want to support Asian brands, you will be happy to hear that both Panasonic and Mitsubishi are two of the top brands that hail from Asia. 

Panasonic, which is one of the world leaders of electronic products was founded in 1918 in Japan has an extensive range of air conditioners with categories such as large duct systems, cooling inverters and reverse-cycle machines. Main features of Panasonic include:

ECONAVI efficiency technology, which provides:

· Activity detection – it automatically reduces cooling when there is less activity in a room to maintain comfortable conditions

· Area search – automatically sense individual’s locations in a room to reduce its output in empty areas

· Temperature wave – temperature-shifting control

· Sunlight detection – it detects heat and light levels and adjust its output to maintain energy output and still maintaining set temperatures

· Absence detection automatically reduces output in empty rooms

· Nanoe-G air purification deactivation of viruses and bacteria present


· Airflow ranges of 150 degrees with Long Mode which projects up to twelve meters

· Whisper quiet

· Front panel is detachable for easy cleaning

· Plasma duo filter – air is filtered through plasma deodorizing to catalyze odors followed by plasma air purifying to remove particles

· DC external fan - provide 60% better efficiency than competitors

· Econo Cool – automatically changes room temperatures depending on room ambient temperatures to two temperatures warmer than set temperatures for energy efficiency, without loss of comfort

The features listed above still does little in actually declaring if there is a possible winner when siding Panasonic vs Mitsubishi. Look at a popular type of air conditioner most Singaporeans install in their homes split, inverter, or ductless air conditioners. 

Although additional costs are incurred with air conditioners, it is an extremely valuable part of modern Singapore. Air conditioning installation grows at amazing speed, services and maintenance companies are all competing to offer the best to fellow Singaporeans. Which manufacturer offer the most economical system, remains a question, which are quite difficult to answer. Both Panasonic and Mitsubishi are two of the world leaders

  What Are Singapore Residents Looking For In An Air Conditioner?

· Value for Money
· Reliability
· Warranty and after sale service
· Quietness
· Energy efficiency
· Appearance
· Overall customer satisfaction

Before you buy an Air conditioner, most people ask themselves the question whether they really need an aircon, however living in Singapore, it possibly goes without question that everybody needs this useful innovation in making the heat bearable. Singaporeans find it difficult to provide cool, clear, and freshened air with only using fans, regardless of their power. 

Air conditioners are as part of Singapore household and a necessary commodity classing as important as a refrigerator. While most individuals know which fridge to choose and mostly going according to personal need, such as family size and space available, they still wonder how to choose their equally important appliance, their air conditioner.

Important factors homeowner should consider are:

· Do you prefer a specific brand?
· How large is the area you want air-conditioned?
· Is energy efficiency your main priority?
· What does your budget allow?
· Do you need the quietest on the market?
· Do you or someone in your family suffer from allergies and need a special air purifying system?
· Do you have a problem with space?

While Panasonic is renowned for its outstanding appliances, including aircon’s, Mitsubishi is gaining ground, especially with its Mr. Slim aircon product line up. Compact ceiling cassettes, compact wall mounted, ceiling suspended, floor standing, ceiling concealed and more make Mitsubishi a serious contender in the air conditioning market.

Panasonic on the other hand also has all these types of aircon’s and more, each with the outstanding features mentioned above. When comparing the Panasonic and the Mitsubishi, the only distinct difference possibly worth mentioning where Panasonic might be the preferred air con is the price. Mitsubishi is the slightly pricier air conditioner currently on the market; however, that is not a factor for Singaporeans. Those who prefer the brand, Mitsubishi, knows what they get with Mitsubishi, although Panasonic lovers would stick with their brand. 

Could this blog come to a conclusion as to which is the better of the two top brands in the world? NO, both manufacturers are top sellers for their individuality and high quality, durability and unique features.
· Panasonic is lower priced and has unique features very suitable for use in Singapore with its humidity and heat.

· Mitsubishi is slightly higher priced than Panasonic, however it is a quieter runner, which is an outstanding factor and feature many look out for.

· Some individuals who have tried both units find Mitsubishi to be more economical, which is a money saver in the end; therefore do they not mind paying more initially.

· On the other hand is the air purifying and ECONAVI features of Panasonic far superior to the purification Mitsubishi offer. The area search, absence detection, activity detection of Panasonic is superior when compared to Mitsubishi’s airflow ranges.

Comparing the two top players in the air conditioning world directly and side by side as explained here, you will come to the same conclusion. Panasonic could be the winner with its features and lower pricing, however what about Mitsubishi’s energy efficiency and whisper quietness? Regardless of which top brand you chose, using a reputable air conditioning company to install, maintain and service your system are of extreme importance to maintain high quality air in your home, office or business in Singapore.