Sunday, December 13, 2015

How To Install Aircon For Schools

An environment with perfect temperature regulation enhances comfort. When it is neither too hot nor too cold, you will feel relaxed and more comfortable. It can be difficult and somewhat challenging to depend on the weather to regulate the temperature naturally. That is why you can rely on the aircon systems to control the temperature around. A school needs a stable air conditioning system that will ensure the temperature is well regulated. So how do you find the right aircon system for a school? This is almost similar to the air conditioning system you will need for a business unit.

Finding The Right Aircon System For A School

You must ensure that you get the most ideal air conditioning system that will stabilize the temperature control of the school. A school entails a lot of students and staff members. Different rooms are included in a school, and you only need to find the right A/C unit for each room, office or hall. Some factors to consider include the following;

• The number of classes or rooms in the school

Some systems are installed to work from one control center. Here, you will need to choose a specific system that has been designed to operate under the central system. Some of these systems will be controlled by a computer. Here, the computer can shut down the entire system and also restart it whenever. If you have many rooms that are within one building, then the centralized systems are the most reliable units to choose. This will make it easier to control the system whenever there is a need.

• The size of the rooms

The classrooms will range in size, depending on the level. Some schools have classes with the exact same measurements. That means that the classes will be the same in size. That will not be such a big challenge when you need to install an AC unit in the classrooms since they are all similar. Other than the classrooms, there are also other rooms in the school. Some schools will have a dining hall, an entertainment room or a sports hall for the indoor sports. All these rooms and halls need the right type of AC units to regulate the temperature.
For the staff rooms and offices, they will need specific aircon units that will deliver the right services. Whatever the size of room, hall or office of the school, you must choose a system that is suitable.

• Where will it be installed?

There are some aircon systems that have been designed and developed to be installed outside. With this you can have a room being served by an AC unit that is installed outside. Such units can endure through the tough weather conditions. Even when it is raining, the systems will not be tampered with. If you need an indoor AC system, choose one that will offer the right temperature control in the room.

• How about the brand?

There are different types of aircon brands in Singapore, including Daikin and Samsung. These are some of the leading AC brands in Singapore. As you are choosing the aircon unit for your school, ensure that you choose one that is stable and able to serve the entire school. You must check and confirm the pros and cons of the brand that you choose.

Installing The Aircon Unit

Once you have the right AC unit for the school, you will need to ensure that it is perfectly installed. There are some steps that you can follow as you are installing the AC unit.

• Planning for the aircon unit.

Before you step out to purchase the unit, you will need to make plans. Check that you have set the budget for the AC unit that you want for the school. Too many people end up getting out of budget while they proceed to buy the aircon unit. You must also know the brand that you need to buy. When you are ready with the list, you can purchase the AC unit to install in the school.

• Ensure the unit is correctly installed

You need to ensure that the AC unit is installed accordingly. It must be level to allow the drainage system in the unit to work effectively. Also, some units might not function properly if they are not level when installed. Ideally, you should install the AC unit in an area with enough shade and where it will not receive too much rain. Even though some units are designed to be installed outside, direct sunlight can decrease the efficiency of the heat exchange. To solve this, you can have plants and shrubs around the unit to block the direct sunlight. Also, ensure that the airflow is not blocked by the shrubs or plant trees.

• Ensure that every AC unit is well-connected

You will also need to check that the AC unit you want to install is correctly installed and connected to the power supply and the filter unit. Also, you should ensure that the centralized systems are all connected to be easier to control using the computer.

• Make the right settings

You should also set the thermostat of your aircon unit as high as possible. Set it to be suitable according to your comfort. Also, you should avoid placing TVs or lamps near the AC thermostat. This is because the thermostat will sense heat from the appliances, and this can make the AC unit to operate for longer. As a result, the AC unit can overheat.

Ensure that all the settings have been carefully adjusted to allow the unit to operate efficiently. The fan speed should be set on high, but not on the humid days. If the humidity is high, you will need to set the speed of the fan low enough to enhance the comfort. When the speed is low on a humid day, it will help to cool the rooms better. Also, it will get rid of the moisture from the room.

For a perfect installation of the aircon unit in the school, it is advised to hire a professional aircon dealer. The dealer will help you get the right aircon system for the school. Also, you will save the effort of installing the unit on your own.