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Pros And Cons On Ceiling Cassette Aircon

Are you planning to purchase a new air conditioner but you lack the required wall and floor space? Are you running out of options in figuring out the best unit for your home? Most people struggle to locate the most suitable spot to install their air conditioners. 

Purchasing floor AC units aren't the most practical if you're already lacking floor space to fit all your belongings. They could also look very bulky if they aren't put in the right area of your house. If you're one of the many people who have no space left for additional furniture, a ceiling cassette unit is a great option for you. They are ceiling mounted air conditioners which are extremely helpful for saving space. They are small cassette shaped units which can be easily installed in false ceilings. Since they're small in size, they're very subtle and unobtrusive. They don't take up any space at all so they're perfect for small offices, apartments and condo units. They are the most ideal units to have if you lack window space, wall space or floor space which are required for standing air conditioner units.

Thousands of Singaporeans have already invested in ceiling cassette units for their homes. The internal unit of the air conditioner is installed to the ceiling as well as in an outdoor condenser. This is where the cooling process takes place. It is identical to how a traditional air conditioner operates yet it's more practical in many ways. All ceiling cassette air conditioners have internal units which are usually in the size 6000mm to 600mm. Different manufacturers sell various sizes for multiple uses.

The main consideration to take into account is how big or small the area is where you'll be putting it. All units also come equipped with directional blowing systems which makes sure that the cool air it produces can be spread throughout the entire room. All the indoor units of ceiling cassette air conditioners contain a grille which draws in air. It also has a cooling element inside which is what makes the air temperature cool. It is composed of a cooling coil which has a refrigerant. This coil will dehumidify and cool the air wherever the unit is placed.

Refrigerant and electrical lines located in the false ceiling connects the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit of the ceiling cassette is called a compressor. It is responsible for draining the hot air and excess water to ensure that the room will have a cool temperature. The color of the cassette is matched to the ceiling color and it's also flushed on the artificial ceiling. This ensures that everything is cohesive. The grille is the only part of the unit which is visible.

Ceiling cassette units have been increasingly popular in Singapore for the past few years because of their simplicity and ease of use. The installation process is very straightforward and it only takes approximately an hour to be completed. Its simple design, functionality and affordable price makes it suitable for any home or office.


• All ceiling cassette air conditioners are extremely easy to install. Since the false ceiling is readily available and in place, it is conveniently dropped down and installed into the space. It is very efficient and reliable which is why thousands of Singaporeans have it in their homes.

• All major manufacturing companies have their own version of ceiling cassette units. Different models are available which caters to your specific needs. They come in various tons and cooling units so that you can select the most suitable one for your home. This has made it a lot easier for people to have a good amount of options from the wide variety of models available in the market. Depending on your preference, you can purchase the unit according to size, tons or its cooling capacity.

• Since all ceiling cassette air conditioner units are mounted onto the ceiling, you can select the room where you want it to be installed and have no problems. Being able to have it installed in any room is a great advantage because traditional air conditioner units can sometimes be too big or bulky in an area. Using piping and ducting, the ceiling cassette is connected to the outdoor cooling system. It's a very convenient and efficient way of getting cool air inside a room without sacrificing important window, floor or wall space.

• Most manufacturers who sell ceiling cassette air conditioners create them with venting or blowing systems pre installed. It makes sure that the cool air is evenly distributed in every corner of the room.


• The unit itself together with the compressor needs to be installed by a professional contractor. Because the compressor and ducting system are far away, it is necessary to drill holes through exterior walls. This is the only way to connect the internal unit to the compressor which is located outdoors.

• Deciding to purchase only one unit may not be cost effective. This is because a single unit may not be able to provide sufficient cool air inside a room.

• Purchasing an incorrect or incompatible ceiling cassette unit may increase your electricity bill. Although there are plenty of energy efficient models available in the market today, there is no guarantee that it wouldn't increase your bill.

In order to ensure that you're purchasing the most suitable ceiling cassette air conditioner for your home, you will need the advice and expertise of a professional contractor or engineer. He will be able to correctly assess the cooling requirements of your living space so you wouldn't purchase an incorrect one. He will be able to narrow down your choices so that you can select your preferred model. However, this also means that you would need to pay extra for the professional contractor or engineer's services. Always keep in mind that purchasing the correct unit will determine whether or not your electricity bill will increase or decrease in the next months.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Troubleshooting

Are you an owner of the Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon? It is one of the best aircons available in Singapore. And since it is hot and humid throughout year in Singapore, air conditioners are a savior. These are used throughout the years to stay relieved from the hot and humid weather. But for this, you may also face problems in your air conditioner sometimes as well.

For this you need to find out what is the problem and solve it. You need to be more aware of some of the problems regarding your A.C. It is literally impossible to survive in Singapore without an air condition. So, you should have a little knowledge to analyse problems in aircons and solve it. Some of the troubleshooting methods are mentioned below –

#1: Leaking Problems
If you are facing leaking problems in your air conditioner, then do not worry at all. It is one of the most common types of problems. With some simple steps you can solve this problem. First of all you have to remove the aircon from the wall and you need to be very careful in this case. It is very heavy and you can take help of a person as well. This problem occurs mainly due to the dust accumulation or mold growth in the drain pipe.

You need to clean this pipe as it takes the condensed water outside. If it is blocked naturally the water cannot be drained out. So, you need to make sure that you have to connect the garden pipe with it and flow the water. After doing it for 5 to 10 minutes, put some house bleach to clean the pipe completely. Now, when everything is done let it dry in the sunlight. Then put them together and switch it on. You will see the problem is solved!

#2: Air Conditioner Not Providing Cold Air
Mitsubishi air conditioner users may sometimes face this problem. The air conditioner may be operating but it is not providing cold air at all. Often the people complain this as the air conditioner is not working in the right way as the room is not cold at all. This air conditioner is mainly divided into 2 sections. These are the inner fancoil part and the other one is the outdoor condenser.

The outdoor condenser actually generates the cool air which is blown by the inner section after filtering the air from the condenser. In this case, the problem is related to the outdoor unit which is the main condenser. It is better to call a professional to get it repaired and solve the problem. The outdoor unit is very much complicated and also has high voltage. So, for a problem like this you need to call a professional to help you.

#3: Not Enough Cooling
This problem is slightly different from the previous one. In this case, the air conditioner often runs for hours but the room is not as cool or cold as it is supposed to be. So, the cooling is there but not much effective. Well, for this there can be a lot of reasons.

Reason 1 – It can be the problem with the indoor unit. Often when the dust and dirt gets accumulated the unit is not able to dissipate the cool air.
Reason 2 – The outdoor condenser is dirty and hence not capable for producing cool air.
Reason 3 – Lack of enough refrigerant in the aircon system.

Besides these reasons, there are possibilities of 2 other reasons. These above 3 problems will need a professional help. For the accumulation of dirt and dust in the inner unit, you can also clean it. If you are able to do it then you can call a professional for this. Well, the other two reasons can be the temperature is higher than the general requirement. Another one is the air conditioned which is installed is under-sized that what is required for the room size.

How Often Should You Consider Servicing?

For the Mitsubishi Starmex air conditioner you need to consider at least once in 3 or 4 months for the residential ones and for the commercial ones it is better to consider at least a servicing in 1 month. A proper and regular servicing is very important for the air conditioners in Singapore as you run it almost throughout the day and for 12 months. A regular servicing will help your conditioner to provide cool air consistently. Even it will decrease the electrical consumption.

Even if you are facing leaking of the aircon too often, then it will be decreased. Proper servicing of the air conditioner will help to solve this problem of leaking as the molds and dirt will be cleaned on a regular basis. You do not have to call the professionals for repairing the air conditioner too often if the servicing is done on time. When the maintenance is not done properly, people face a lot of problems as the air conditioner often stops working properly or functions improperly.

So, there are a lot of advantages of doing proper servicing of the air conditioner on time. The most important thing that you need to know is that maintenance can help you to increase the longevity of the aircons. Thus, make sure that you are calling the professional experts who are skilled and experienced for cleaning and servicing your air conditioner on a regular basis. Then the problem will not occur much and you do not have to troubleshoot them.

Undoubtedly, Mitsubishi Starmex air conditioners are the best ones in the Singapore market. But the problems and breakdowns are common in all type of aircons available in the market especially when you have to run it almost throughout the year. So, you need to be very much aware of all kinds of problems that can occur in an air conditioner and how to identify it and its source. Thus we have provided all the top 3 major problems that occur in an air conditioner and how to deal with it. Make sure to call an experienced professional to help you when you need it.

Friday, August 26, 2016

How To Protect Yourself From The Coming 2016 Haze

Healthcare is always a top priority in the daily lives of every individual in the world. The upcoming Singapore 2016 haze is one of the uncontrollable weather factors that will pose a threat to the well being and ability to retain balanced health care throughout the year. Due to several reports of global warming- globally, the temperatures in the ever hot areas of the world such as Singapore are also bound to rise to a level that is too severe for human life to continually and process a structural format of enduring these harsh climatic developments. It does not matter if you are suffering from the most common chronic illnesses or are in perfect health, the 2016 haze will effectively wangle the mode of transpiring an effect towards the ability to work efficiently and perform daily duties as one would on any other occasion.

However, all these side effect of the intense formation of the coming 2016 haze can be duly avoided and easily adjusted by simply making a solid investment in a high quality air-con system that will effectively cool the temperature of your home and office and enable you to continuously embrace living a high quality healthy life.

Protect yourself from the coming 2016 haze by:

Fully utilizing the ability to retain a much cooler temperature in an internal environment such as your home and office without having to deal with the overheating remedy of the Singapore 2016 haze.

Create a fresher breathing aired environment. Haze not only makes the visibility of the environment vaguer, but it also contains particulate matter that is a pollutant. The particulate matter contained in haze is very dangerous and poses a threat to the human health. For healthy individuals, it can take one to three days to start severing health effects from the direct exposure of the Singapore haze. However, for people who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, heart and lung conditions, the exposure to haze will immediately develop a severing health effect in a matter of hours such as coughing, throat irritation, sneezing, hard breathing as the body tries to grasp the little levels of oxygen contained in the air as well as other severe effects that can instantly lead them to losing consciousness.

An efficient air-con system will filter all the particulate matter in the haze and effectively produce fresher air that is much healthier to ingest in a human body system for both your family and your workmates.

A professional and experienced air-con company will provide you with a high quality system that can effectively produce cooler temperatures as well as fresher air and the company will not just focus on the purchase period of creating profits but also on offering maintenance service which is advises to be conducted every half year. These services will effectively reduce any repair expense that may be experienced as they are able to continuously monitor the health of your system and ensure high levels of efficiency in the process. This procedures will be handled by the highly trained and skilled technicians who will be very careful and effectively knowledgeable enough to offer this services according to the national standards of Singapore. Proper Air-con servicing has to contain some of the following procedures:

. Chemical cleaning.
This procedure involves the removal of any dust and detritus elements that may have infiltrated the AC system. As a result, the recipient owner will effectively receive a hygienic atmospheric air stream in the building or home.

. Chemical overhaul.
This procedure can be contracted to occur throughout the year as it is a necessity in maintaining a healthy AC system whether or not you have been using the system frequently. This is because the filters will contain allergen particles that will be driven to the internal building once the system has been activated. The technician will clean the filter and replace any broken parts that will inhibit the activeness of the AC system with better ones.

. Other air-con services such as air-con water leaking,
topping up of the Freon gas, duct cleaning, replacing any broken parts and inefficient chemicals of the system and cleaning other parts such as the fan, coil, thermostat etc. will all be effectively conducted to ensure an effective service delivery for the AC system.

Enhance the quality of your life this 2016 and avoid the health dangers that may occur with the aggressive seasons of haze that will be experienced in Singapore, by equipping yourself with a great AC system from a great company.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Aircon - Frequent Asked Questions

Q1. Can you explain why sometime MCB trips while air con is running and then we need to reset the MCB, mostly we face this problem at the time of start?
- Mostly this issue comes if you have an under sized MCB installed in your home. To get rid of this issue, you can get in touch with our service center and you can know get the recommendations for MCB size according to your specific model.

Q2. Why I see a lot of deposition of Ice on the condenser’s copper pipes (outdoor unit)? 
-This may happen because of tow possible reasons. If you will have insufficient gas in the aircon system, then it will form ice on the discharge pipe hic is smaller in size. If you see ice formation of bigger pipe which is also known as suction pipe, then you may have dirty filter, dirty fan coil, or the blower of your indoor unit is not rotating at all while it still getting power supply properly.

Q3. Is it necessary to do the servicing of outdoor or condensing unit? If Answer is yes, then How often do I need to do it?
- Yes you need to do the servicing of your condensing or outdoor unit to keep it working in proper manner. If you would clean it at least once in a year then you can have assurance of better air circulation without any blockage in your aircon. If you would have blockage in the condensing unit, then it reduces the cooling performance as well as it would reduce the life of your compressor as well. Also, it would increase the electricity bill as well for you. In some cases, you can have bad environmental condition and in that case you may need to get recommendation for cleaning time with the help of a trained technician.

Q4. Can you explain the benefits of National Air-Purifying fielder and can you tell how often we should replace it?
- National Air-Purifyin filter has the property to absorb all different kind of smell such as human smell, or smoking odours, impurities and many other harmful things that are in the air. Ideally, you shall replace this filter in every three months. Also, if its white color changes with one of the sample colors given on the set, then also you need to change it. To see the sample color, you need to open the cover and then you can see that.

Q5. Why we see some water leakage from the air-conditioner?
- Normally this issue occurs due to blockage of drainage pipe by some dirt deposition. If aircon is diry, then also you notice this issue. Lack of coolant is one more factor that can cause water leakage form your air conditioner. Also, if you installed the wrong pipe or if you installed it in a wrong manner or more than committed length, then also you may notice this issue in your air conditioner.

Q6. Why Aircon is making a lot of noise?
- If blower and coil is dirty, then your aircon can make lot of noise. Also, if you would install the same on a thin plywood partition, or on a glass partition or at an uneven surface on a wall, then it could cause vibration and noise together. Sometime compressor noise can also get transmitted into your room and it can make it uncomfortable for you. (Here this compressor noise can be from room air conditioner or from outdoor unit).

Q7. Why aircon is not cooling at all?
- To solve this issue please cross check the thermostat setting and make sure it’s not set at high temperature. Selection of operating mode can also be wrong and you should check that as well. If your unit is dirty from inside or if it has lack of refrigerant in it, then also, it would not do the cooling. Also, orientation of room toward direct sunlight or selection of small sized aircon would also have similar problems. Other than this, improper room shape and size or blockage of the airoutlet by anything can also cause this issue.

Precaution to use it wisely 

- Make sure you never block air intake or outlet vents by any means.
If you would do this, then it will reduce the performance and you may face complications in its working as well. Also, it is advised that you never insert any kind of object such as stick or pen inside these vents. Doing that could be dangerous for you as it may touch electrical components and fan.

- Never use any kind of heating equipment at close distance from aircon.
If you would expose the aircon with excessive heat, then its plastic parts may get deformation due to heat. It is advised that you use air conditioner only for cooling of room and you do not use it for any kind of other requirements that are not allowed by the manufacturer.

Make sure you are not using Air conditioner for any other requirement such as preserving your food, keeping animals, drying clothes or cultivating any kind of vegetables with it. If you would do that, then it might damage your aircon and it might have various other complications in it.

- For better comfort choose the most suitable temperature according to you age, situation and surroundings.
In a room if you have young kids or elder people, then you should maintain the proper temperature for their comfort. You can easily do that by adjusting the temperature that gives comfort to them.

It is a good idea that you avoid the exposer of your body in the direct contact of air flow for a very long time. This is advised because of various health reasons and you should follow this suggestion for your own health benefits.

Make sure, you never pull the power cord from aircon to unplug it from power supply.

If you damage the cord, then it can cause serious electrical shocks to you and you might get hurt with it.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Is Aircon Harmful for Health?

How could you escape the sweltering outdoor conditions during hot seasons without the revolutionary invention of an air-conditioner? Air-conditioner are so useful and handy everywhere today. However, air-conditioner even as a modern luxury often freaks people out.

The most common concern folks have about air conditioning is that it is bad for the human health. Well, while the concerns are absolutely valid because an air conditioner can greatly impact your health and wellbeing, it also depends on a variety of other things. For example, it depends on the kind of air conditioning system you have in place, if it is suitable for your building, and if it is clean and regularly maintained.

There are a host of health problems that are directly linked to air conditioning systems. However, it should be understood that air conditioning systems in and of themselves do not cause the said health problems. The health complications arise when the air conditioning units are not well maintained, thus, allowing mold and other harmful microorganisms to thrive.

Generally, the following are the health concerns reported as arising from the regular use of or exposure to air conditioners:

--Illness and Constant Fatigue- Research reveals that individuals who work in environments that are air-conditioned in excess sometimes develop serious headaches and fatigue. Individuals that work in buildings with air conditioners often develop mucous membrane irritation and sometimes a difficulty in breathing. This, then, leaves the individuals prone to contract colds, flus and a host of other illnesses.

--Dry Skin- if you spend long hours in air conditioned environments, your skin may lose moisture, and if you aren't going to aid your skin with a regular supply of moisturizers, you may develop a dry skin.

--Exacerbates Symptoms of Chronic Illness- Air conditioning systems can worsen symptoms of chronic illnesses. It is especially known to exacerbate the symptoms of arthritis, low blood pressure, neuritis, and making the management of pain difficult for those suffering the chronic sicknesses.

--Intolerance of Heat- it is not surprising that there is an increase in heat related deaths in summer during heat waves. Those people who spend a long time in air-conditioned environments become intolerant of very hot temperatures. This is primarily due to the transition from cool environment indoors to the hot outdoor environment.

--Breathing Problems- Air conditioning systems have been found to be the worst offenders responsible for circulating microorganisms and germs that trigger breathing problems. A research conducted by the Louisiana State Medical Center discovered that there were eight types of molds residing inside 22 air conditioners out of 25 air conditioners examined. Air conditioners are now widely regarded as agents aiding the circulation of airborne ailments such as Legionnaire’s Disease- which is a potentially fatal contagious disease whose symptoms include pneumonia and high fever.

--Sick Building Syndrome- Some of the ailments due to air conditioners aptly fall into the category of sick building syndrome. Air conditioning is mostly blamed for causing sick building syndrome. However, there is inconclusive evidence to link the syndrome to air conditioning. The problem is very prevalent in modern air-conditioned offices. However, the problem can also arise from poor workplace ergonomics. The symptoms of the problem include fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, headaches, nausea, and irritation of the ears, nose and throat.

These problems can be avoided. It is recommended that employers survey employees to find out whether any of them is suffering from an issue related to air-conditioning. They should also check and ensure general office cleanliness. Importantly, employers should monitor the operation of air conditioning systems. Further, they should check the condition and cleanliness of air conditioner filters as well as adhering to planned maintenance schedules.

Often, when people vilify air conditioning systems, they forget about the immense benefits that aircons have brought. It is easy to overlook the convenience of having a regular supply of cool clean air when you go on the offensive against air-conditioning systems. Undoubtedly, air-conditioning systems have a positive impact on any person’s health. The air conditioning systems improve comfort levels and activity, etc.

While it is perfectly okay to argue that fresh air the best, it is worth remembering that with the proliferation of industries and the environmental pollution going on, the air you breathe outdoors is today not as good as it used to be a century ago. The outdoor air could contain pollutants and dust as well as pollen and airborne spores which may equally have a negative impact on your health. Therefore, opening the office windows invites all these things to your office, which is not a very good thing especially for people suffering from allergies.

Air conditioners can obviate all these risks because they come fitted with a variety of filters; filters that range from those that just catch dust to those which filter bacteria, odors, smoke, and pollen. Whichever type of filter in your air conditioning system, it will greatly improve the air quality by a significant degree. In case the filters in your air conditioning system do not meet the requirements, then you can upgrade to improved filters.

That air conditioners can improve air quality is not in doubt. Even acclaimed experts in the area concur that air conditioners can prevent a host of health problems. Dr. Michelle Bell of Yale University, environmental health department, avers that exposure to some airborne particles significantly increases one’s risk for hospital admission and can cause a premature death due to cardiovascular ailments. According to Dr. Bell, a well maintained air conditioner system significantly lowers a person’s risk to suffer from health complications that arise from exposure to the said particles.

Various researchers also unanimously agree that during intense heat waves, air conditioners save lives. It is clear from the foregoing that a well-maintained air conditioning system poses no health risks to anybody. Instead, it improves the quality of air and, thus, staves off a variety of complications. What, however, AC systems are charged and guilty of is their very real and destructive impact on the planet earth. Indoor heating is one of the biggest contributor to accumulation of harmful greenhouse gasses.

All in all, if you think that your air conditioner makes you, or any of the people you know, sick, then there is definitely something wrong with your air-conditioning system. Let it get checked. In and by itself, an air conditioner is not harmful to human health.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Mitsubishi Starmex MLZ Ceilling Cassette Type Review

The temperatures in Singapore can be rather extreme and people are always on the lookout for a new way to control the air flow inside of their homes and businesses offices. Though, as many will find after residing in Singapore for awhile, the prompt realization will come that there are numerous people that have some form of air conditioning unit.

The tropical temperatures in the Asian country can bring a day for heat and humidity. However, the people are also on the watch for ways to conserve energy and the planet for the future.

Looking for a way to enjoy the comforts of an aircon unit as well as contributing to the planet's greater good, people often do extensive research into how such an endeavor could be achieved.

With the various brands that are available to the public, the search for the right aircon to conduct one's business with can be an exhausting task.

The Mitsubishi Starmex MLZ Cassette Type is one type of product that Mitsubishi offers a solution to become environmentally friendly by using as low of an amount of energy consumption as possible. The product is manufactured in Singapore which is a huge advantage for those who wish to continue their support of the products Singapore brings to the world.

The small size of the MLZ Starmex Ceilling Cassette Type holds the dimensions of 840 x 840 x 258 mm. The design and creation of the unit is meant to be compatible with the look and interior dimensions of the needs of the consumer who require this specific device.

A ceilling cassette should be installed in the center of the room, overhead, and is used to ensure that the air is evenly distributed. It is important to note that the cassette should never be installed near walls or corners as it will affect the airflow.

The only exception in this case is if it was meant to be that way per the designer's specifications.

In regards to the Mitsubishi Ceilling Cassette, the creators developed the new Ceilling Cassette for some very specific reasons. The main objective was to ensure that the small size didn't sacrifice the quality.

The three central goals of the designers were to achieve the following points below.

1. Maintain Optimal Performance

2. Ensuring Proper Heat Is Produced

3. Sustaining Quality Air

1. Maintain Optimal Performance
As individuals install the MLZ Starmex Ceilling Cassette, certain problems could occur if not handled properly. With that said, if you are unsure as to how the cassette should be installed, it is perfectly fine and advisable to seek assistance.

As the creators worked diligently to create the best possible aircon cassette, they knew that the device should be designed in such a way as to provide the opportunity for easy installation.

The small design had a slight chance of not being able to perform at its best. However, the problem was remedied as the new models, like the MLZ Starmex Ceilling Cassette, were equipped with a DC fan motor.

A DC fan motor is a device that allows a reduction in the amount of electricity that is consumed by the aircon unit. After much testing, the MLZ Starmex Ceilling Cassette is able to run, even with its small size, at an optimal level of efficiency.

2. Ensuring Proper Heat Is Produced
With the unit being installed overhead, the heat circulation was needed to be taken into consideration. Proper creation of the device was desirable to make sure that the warm air was able to reach the foot, or floor, level.

With these modifications taken into consideration, the warm air will be able to balance the cooler air which will cause a higher level of comfort.

3. Sustaining Air Quality
One of the issues that were needed to be remedied while creating the MLZ Starmex Ceilling Cassette was the amount of dust being collected throughout the air. For hygiene and quality of life standards, the designers strived to ensure that there were very little dust particles in the air.

In this way, the consumer can be at ease knowing that the air they're breathing is clean and not affected by their aircon.

As with most models that Mitsubishi created, the transparent window with the MLZ Starmex Ceilling Cassette enables a person to be able to look through the window to see how much dust has been accumulated.

For best results, of course, the consumer would need to ensure that this is well maintained.

Were The Creators Successful?

It is quite obvious that the designers with Mitsubishi are quite dedicated to their work in ensuring that the products are of high quality while, at the same time, taking heed not to put the global environment at risk.

With the creation of the MLZ Starmex Ceilling, the features that are brought to the consumers of Singapore are quite appealing.

· Hot-Start

· Dehumidification

· Vane Control

· Condensate Removal

The purpose of the features associated with the cassette is to ensure that optimal air flow is achieved as well as simplifying the installation process that is required with the cassette.

Overall Review and Final Thoughts

The Mitsubishi Starmex MLZ Ceilling Cassette Type focuses on bringing quality air to the homes and businesses of Singapore. Furthermore, Mitsubishi does recognize the importance of proper air flow, clean air circulation, and always stand behind their products.

As with most of Mitsubishi's products, the Starmex MLZ Ceilling Cassette comes with a 5 year warranty. The inclusion of the warranty shows that they are willing to work in a conscientious approach to bring the best possible product to the public in Singapore.

After all, they realize how vital it is to stay comfortable in the tropical climate, which is ever present in the country.

Taking into consideration the craftsmanship of the MLZ Ceilling Cassette, the environmental aspect of the cassette shows that it holds to the standards of those in Singapore.

With proper installation and care of this product, it will be easy to see that the investment will pay for itself time and again. The introduction of the MLZ Ceilling Cassette is a wonderful addition to any home to ensure the best level of comfort.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type Review

For those who live in Singapore, life is full of culture and offers an abundance of things to do for everyone. However, after a long day with temperatures that can be rather intense with the high heat and humidity, most people would love to go home to relax in front a perfectly operational air conditioning unit circulating the cool breeze around their house. 

In fact, it would be quite difficult to go to a home or business in Singapore and not be able to find a beautiful aircon regulating the temperatures inside. With the different brands and styles that one can choose from, it can be a difficult task to determine which is right for the consumer to invest their money. 

After looking closely at the Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type, it has been discovered that there are many different aspects of this particular aircon unit. Being manufactured in Singapore, the Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted type has taken into consideration all of the important qualities that one looks for in this fantastic investment. 

Does the specifications and features the Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type presents to the consumer match to the desires of the people living in Singapore?

What do customers look for in an aircon unit?

· Value
· Quiet 
· Energy Efficiency
· Warranty 
· Service After Sale
· Appearance 
· Customer Satisfaction

For homeowners and business owners alike, the qualities of their aircon unit is of prime importance. Not only must the air conditioner be presented in an attractive manner, the consumer desires that they are provided with top quality service and value for their purchase. Such concerns as warranty and service after sale are also certain features that the customer will look closely into because:

· A warranty that comes with the unit will further help keep the customer's mind at ease because it will show that that certain company stands behind their product. 

· The warranty and service after sale are tied together in this aspect because it is wonderful to know that if something happens to go wrong, the money that went into purchasing it isn't entirely lost and the problem will be remedied. 

When the customer uses their air conditioner, one of the major features that they look for is whether it's noisy or quiet. If the customer is going to be purchasing an air conditioning that is supposed to be brand new, they would undoubtedly expect it to be quiet.

An aircon unit is best enjoyed by merely feeling the cool breeze circulating around the house. It is much more peaceful if there are no loud noises in order for the person to be able to properly unwind. 
Energy Efficiency is also very important to those who live in Singapore. 

Conserving energy and not wasting unnecessarily holds many benefits which include sustaining the planet for future generations.

Now that we have seen what Singapore consumers are looking for in a new air conditioning unit, we can now see if the Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type holds true to those standards.

Features of the Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type

Created by Mitsubishi, the Starmex EF Series has been created and designed to match most modern rooms. The Starmex is sleek in design and comes in three different color tones:

· Black
· White
· Off-White

The design was used for the interior in mind for either the home or for an office. The dimensions are 895 X 195 X 296 mm which gives the outer appearance a modernized, professional exterior. The unit is small enough to fit in one's home without clashing with any other furnishings that the consumer has in their household. 

If the aircon unit is used for business space, it will beautifully fit in with the surroundings. 
The unit also comes with a DC Inverter to help with the control of the electric current. For conservation of energy, the Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type does include PAM Control as well as a Weekly Timer. 

· The weekly timer can help control the times that the air conditioning unit is operated to avoid any unnecessary charges to one's electric bill.

· The PAM Control is advanced technology that will also help control the waveforms in order for the unit to have minimal loss and allowing the aircon unit to use the most efficient amount of energy possible.

The use of these two features will definitely help in conserving energy and further sustaining the environment.

The Quiet Operation feature will also ensure that there will be minimal noise while the air conditioning unit is used. While using this feature, the consumer will be able to feel the cool air but never hear the source from where it came. 

The two modes that the Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type comes with are:

· 5 Step Vane Control & Swing Mod
· Auto Mode

Using either of the aforementioned capabilities of the unit, the user will be able to set the mode as they wish. They have the freedom to determine whether they would have the unit run automatically or have more control of the air flow throughout their home. 

As far as the warranty and the service after sale are considered, Mitsubishi stands behind their product with a 5 year warranty as well as a workmanship warranty. 

Overall Review and Final Thoughts

The Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type comes with all of the features and benefits that the citizens of Singapore holds to the utmost importance. 

The unit is sleek and professionally designed with the conservation of energy in mind. Mitsubishi stands behind their product with a 5 year warranty should the unit fail to operate at optimal level. The workmanship warranty is also another service offered if the unit can be repaired.

While offering these two advantages, the consumer can be rest assured that Mitsubishi stands behind the product that they've created. 

With the Quiet mode also enabled, the customer will be able to come home or enter their business with no distractions as they go about their everyday life. 

The only thing to keep in mind is that the cost can range a bit expensive. 

However, with the tropical climate in Singapore, the investment would be well worth it to enjoy all the comforts that the air conditioning unit has to offer.