Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type Review

For those who live in Singapore, life is full of culture and offers an abundance of things to do for everyone. However, after a long day with temperatures that can be rather intense with the high heat and humidity, most people would love to go home to relax in front a perfectly operational air conditioning unit circulating the cool breeze around their house. 

In fact, it would be quite difficult to go to a home or business in Singapore and not be able to find a beautiful aircon regulating the temperatures inside. With the different brands and styles that one can choose from, it can be a difficult task to determine which is right for the consumer to invest their money. 

After looking closely at the Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type, it has been discovered that there are many different aspects of this particular aircon unit. Being manufactured in Singapore, the Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted type has taken into consideration all of the important qualities that one looks for in this fantastic investment. 

Does the specifications and features the Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type presents to the consumer match to the desires of the people living in Singapore?

What do customers look for in an aircon unit?

· Value
· Quiet 
· Energy Efficiency
· Warranty 
· Service After Sale
· Appearance 
· Customer Satisfaction

For homeowners and business owners alike, the qualities of their aircon unit is of prime importance. Not only must the air conditioner be presented in an attractive manner, the consumer desires that they are provided with top quality service and value for their purchase. Such concerns as warranty and service after sale are also certain features that the customer will look closely into because:

· A warranty that comes with the unit will further help keep the customer's mind at ease because it will show that that certain company stands behind their product. 

· The warranty and service after sale are tied together in this aspect because it is wonderful to know that if something happens to go wrong, the money that went into purchasing it isn't entirely lost and the problem will be remedied. 

When the customer uses their air conditioner, one of the major features that they look for is whether it's noisy or quiet. If the customer is going to be purchasing an air conditioning that is supposed to be brand new, they would undoubtedly expect it to be quiet.

An aircon unit is best enjoyed by merely feeling the cool breeze circulating around the house. It is much more peaceful if there are no loud noises in order for the person to be able to properly unwind. 
Energy Efficiency is also very important to those who live in Singapore. 

Conserving energy and not wasting unnecessarily holds many benefits which include sustaining the planet for future generations.

Now that we have seen what Singapore consumers are looking for in a new air conditioning unit, we can now see if the Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type holds true to those standards.

Features of the Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type

Created by Mitsubishi, the Starmex EF Series has been created and designed to match most modern rooms. The Starmex is sleek in design and comes in three different color tones:

· Black
· White
· Off-White

The design was used for the interior in mind for either the home or for an office. The dimensions are 895 X 195 X 296 mm which gives the outer appearance a modernized, professional exterior. The unit is small enough to fit in one's home without clashing with any other furnishings that the consumer has in their household. 

If the aircon unit is used for business space, it will beautifully fit in with the surroundings. 
The unit also comes with a DC Inverter to help with the control of the electric current. For conservation of energy, the Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type does include PAM Control as well as a Weekly Timer. 

· The weekly timer can help control the times that the air conditioning unit is operated to avoid any unnecessary charges to one's electric bill.

· The PAM Control is advanced technology that will also help control the waveforms in order for the unit to have minimal loss and allowing the aircon unit to use the most efficient amount of energy possible.

The use of these two features will definitely help in conserving energy and further sustaining the environment.

The Quiet Operation feature will also ensure that there will be minimal noise while the air conditioning unit is used. While using this feature, the consumer will be able to feel the cool air but never hear the source from where it came. 

The two modes that the Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type comes with are:

· 5 Step Vane Control & Swing Mod
· Auto Mode

Using either of the aforementioned capabilities of the unit, the user will be able to set the mode as they wish. They have the freedom to determine whether they would have the unit run automatically or have more control of the air flow throughout their home. 

As far as the warranty and the service after sale are considered, Mitsubishi stands behind their product with a 5 year warranty as well as a workmanship warranty. 

Overall Review and Final Thoughts

The Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type comes with all of the features and benefits that the citizens of Singapore holds to the utmost importance. 

The unit is sleek and professionally designed with the conservation of energy in mind. Mitsubishi stands behind their product with a 5 year warranty should the unit fail to operate at optimal level. The workmanship warranty is also another service offered if the unit can be repaired.

While offering these two advantages, the consumer can be rest assured that Mitsubishi stands behind the product that they've created. 

With the Quiet mode also enabled, the customer will be able to come home or enter their business with no distractions as they go about their everyday life. 

The only thing to keep in mind is that the cost can range a bit expensive. 

However, with the tropical climate in Singapore, the investment would be well worth it to enjoy all the comforts that the air conditioning unit has to offer.