Friday, April 8, 2016

Aircon - Frequent Asked Questions

Q1. Can you explain why sometime MCB trips while air con is running and then we need to reset the MCB, mostly we face this problem at the time of start?
- Mostly this issue comes if you have an under sized MCB installed in your home. To get rid of this issue, you can get in touch with our service center and you can know get the recommendations for MCB size according to your specific model.

Q2. Why I see a lot of deposition of Ice on the condenser’s copper pipes (outdoor unit)? 
-This may happen because of tow possible reasons. If you will have insufficient gas in the aircon system, then it will form ice on the discharge pipe hic is smaller in size. If you see ice formation of bigger pipe which is also known as suction pipe, then you may have dirty filter, dirty fan coil, or the blower of your indoor unit is not rotating at all while it still getting power supply properly.

Q3. Is it necessary to do the servicing of outdoor or condensing unit? If Answer is yes, then How often do I need to do it?
- Yes you need to do the servicing of your condensing or outdoor unit to keep it working in proper manner. If you would clean it at least once in a year then you can have assurance of better air circulation without any blockage in your aircon. If you would have blockage in the condensing unit, then it reduces the cooling performance as well as it would reduce the life of your compressor as well. Also, it would increase the electricity bill as well for you. In some cases, you can have bad environmental condition and in that case you may need to get recommendation for cleaning time with the help of a trained technician.

Q4. Can you explain the benefits of National Air-Purifying fielder and can you tell how often we should replace it?
- National Air-Purifyin filter has the property to absorb all different kind of smell such as human smell, or smoking odours, impurities and many other harmful things that are in the air. Ideally, you shall replace this filter in every three months. Also, if its white color changes with one of the sample colors given on the set, then also you need to change it. To see the sample color, you need to open the cover and then you can see that.

Q5. Why we see some water leakage from the air-conditioner?
- Normally this issue occurs due to blockage of drainage pipe by some dirt deposition. If aircon is diry, then also you notice this issue. Lack of coolant is one more factor that can cause water leakage form your air conditioner. Also, if you installed the wrong pipe or if you installed it in a wrong manner or more than committed length, then also you may notice this issue in your air conditioner.

Q6. Why Aircon is making a lot of noise?
- If blower and coil is dirty, then your aircon can make lot of noise. Also, if you would install the same on a thin plywood partition, or on a glass partition or at an uneven surface on a wall, then it could cause vibration and noise together. Sometime compressor noise can also get transmitted into your room and it can make it uncomfortable for you. (Here this compressor noise can be from room air conditioner or from outdoor unit).

Q7. Why aircon is not cooling at all?
- To solve this issue please cross check the thermostat setting and make sure it’s not set at high temperature. Selection of operating mode can also be wrong and you should check that as well. If your unit is dirty from inside or if it has lack of refrigerant in it, then also, it would not do the cooling. Also, orientation of room toward direct sunlight or selection of small sized aircon would also have similar problems. Other than this, improper room shape and size or blockage of the airoutlet by anything can also cause this issue.

Precaution to use it wisely 

- Make sure you never block air intake or outlet vents by any means.
If you would do this, then it will reduce the performance and you may face complications in its working as well. Also, it is advised that you never insert any kind of object such as stick or pen inside these vents. Doing that could be dangerous for you as it may touch electrical components and fan.

- Never use any kind of heating equipment at close distance from aircon.
If you would expose the aircon with excessive heat, then its plastic parts may get deformation due to heat. It is advised that you use air conditioner only for cooling of room and you do not use it for any kind of other requirements that are not allowed by the manufacturer.

Make sure you are not using Air conditioner for any other requirement such as preserving your food, keeping animals, drying clothes or cultivating any kind of vegetables with it. If you would do that, then it might damage your aircon and it might have various other complications in it.

- For better comfort choose the most suitable temperature according to you age, situation and surroundings.
In a room if you have young kids or elder people, then you should maintain the proper temperature for their comfort. You can easily do that by adjusting the temperature that gives comfort to them.

It is a good idea that you avoid the exposer of your body in the direct contact of air flow for a very long time. This is advised because of various health reasons and you should follow this suggestion for your own health benefits.

Make sure, you never pull the power cord from aircon to unplug it from power supply.

If you damage the cord, then it can cause serious electrical shocks to you and you might get hurt with it.