Friday, September 9, 2016

Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Troubleshooting

Are you an owner of the Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon? It is one of the best aircons available in Singapore. And since it is hot and humid throughout year in Singapore, air conditioners are a savior. These are used throughout the years to stay relieved from the hot and humid weather. But for this, you may also face problems in your air conditioner sometimes as well.

For this you need to find out what is the problem and solve it. You need to be more aware of some of the problems regarding your A.C. It is literally impossible to survive in Singapore without an air condition. So, you should have a little knowledge to analyse problems in aircons and solve it. Some of the troubleshooting methods are mentioned below –

#1: Leaking Problems
If you are facing leaking problems in your air conditioner, then do not worry at all. It is one of the most common types of problems. With some simple steps you can solve this problem. First of all you have to remove the aircon from the wall and you need to be very careful in this case. It is very heavy and you can take help of a person as well. This problem occurs mainly due to the dust accumulation or mold growth in the drain pipe.

You need to clean this pipe as it takes the condensed water outside. If it is blocked naturally the water cannot be drained out. So, you need to make sure that you have to connect the garden pipe with it and flow the water. After doing it for 5 to 10 minutes, put some house bleach to clean the pipe completely. Now, when everything is done let it dry in the sunlight. Then put them together and switch it on. You will see the problem is solved!

#2: Air Conditioner Not Providing Cold Air
Mitsubishi air conditioner users may sometimes face this problem. The air conditioner may be operating but it is not providing cold air at all. Often the people complain this as the air conditioner is not working in the right way as the room is not cold at all. This air conditioner is mainly divided into 2 sections. These are the inner fancoil part and the other one is the outdoor condenser.

The outdoor condenser actually generates the cool air which is blown by the inner section after filtering the air from the condenser. In this case, the problem is related to the outdoor unit which is the main condenser. It is better to call a professional to get it repaired and solve the problem. The outdoor unit is very much complicated and also has high voltage. So, for a problem like this you need to call a professional to help you.

#3: Not Enough Cooling
This problem is slightly different from the previous one. In this case, the air conditioner often runs for hours but the room is not as cool or cold as it is supposed to be. So, the cooling is there but not much effective. Well, for this there can be a lot of reasons.

Reason 1 – It can be the problem with the indoor unit. Often when the dust and dirt gets accumulated the unit is not able to dissipate the cool air.
Reason 2 – The outdoor condenser is dirty and hence not capable for producing cool air.
Reason 3 – Lack of enough refrigerant in the aircon system.

Besides these reasons, there are possibilities of 2 other reasons. These above 3 problems will need a professional help. For the accumulation of dirt and dust in the inner unit, you can also clean it. If you are able to do it then you can call a professional for this. Well, the other two reasons can be the temperature is higher than the general requirement. Another one is the air conditioned which is installed is under-sized that what is required for the room size.

How Often Should You Consider Servicing?

For the Mitsubishi Starmex air conditioner you need to consider at least once in 3 or 4 months for the residential ones and for the commercial ones it is better to consider at least a servicing in 1 month. A proper and regular servicing is very important for the air conditioners in Singapore as you run it almost throughout the day and for 12 months. A regular servicing will help your conditioner to provide cool air consistently. Even it will decrease the electrical consumption.

Even if you are facing leaking of the aircon too often, then it will be decreased. Proper servicing of the air conditioner will help to solve this problem of leaking as the molds and dirt will be cleaned on a regular basis. You do not have to call the professionals for repairing the air conditioner too often if the servicing is done on time. When the maintenance is not done properly, people face a lot of problems as the air conditioner often stops working properly or functions improperly.

So, there are a lot of advantages of doing proper servicing of the air conditioner on time. The most important thing that you need to know is that maintenance can help you to increase the longevity of the aircons. Thus, make sure that you are calling the professional experts who are skilled and experienced for cleaning and servicing your air conditioner on a regular basis. Then the problem will not occur much and you do not have to troubleshoot them.

Undoubtedly, Mitsubishi Starmex air conditioners are the best ones in the Singapore market. But the problems and breakdowns are common in all type of aircons available in the market especially when you have to run it almost throughout the year. So, you need to be very much aware of all kinds of problems that can occur in an air conditioner and how to identify it and its source. Thus we have provided all the top 3 major problems that occur in an air conditioner and how to deal with it. Make sure to call an experienced professional to help you when you need it.