Sunday, October 2, 2016

Pros And Cons On Ceiling Cassette Aircon

Are you planning to purchase a new air conditioner but you lack the required wall and floor space? Are you running out of options in figuring out the best unit for your home? Most people struggle to locate the most suitable spot to install their air conditioners. 

Purchasing floor AC units aren't the most practical if you're already lacking floor space to fit all your belongings. They could also look very bulky if they aren't put in the right area of your house. If you're one of the many people who have no space left for additional furniture, a ceiling cassette unit is a great option for you. They are ceiling mounted air conditioners which are extremely helpful for saving space. They are small cassette shaped units which can be easily installed in false ceilings. Since they're small in size, they're very subtle and unobtrusive. They don't take up any space at all so they're perfect for small offices, apartments and condo units. They are the most ideal units to have if you lack window space, wall space or floor space which are required for standing air conditioner units.

Thousands of Singaporeans have already invested in ceiling cassette units for their homes. The internal unit of the air conditioner is installed to the ceiling as well as in an outdoor condenser. This is where the cooling process takes place. It is identical to how a traditional air conditioner operates yet it's more practical in many ways. All ceiling cassette air conditioners have internal units which are usually in the size 6000mm to 600mm. Different manufacturers sell various sizes for multiple uses.

The main consideration to take into account is how big or small the area is where you'll be putting it. All units also come equipped with directional blowing systems which makes sure that the cool air it produces can be spread throughout the entire room. All the indoor units of ceiling cassette air conditioners contain a grille which draws in air. It also has a cooling element inside which is what makes the air temperature cool. It is composed of a cooling coil which has a refrigerant. This coil will dehumidify and cool the air wherever the unit is placed.

Refrigerant and electrical lines located in the false ceiling connects the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit of the ceiling cassette is called a compressor. It is responsible for draining the hot air and excess water to ensure that the room will have a cool temperature. The color of the cassette is matched to the ceiling color and it's also flushed on the artificial ceiling. This ensures that everything is cohesive. The grille is the only part of the unit which is visible.

Ceiling cassette units have been increasingly popular in Singapore for the past few years because of their simplicity and ease of use. The installation process is very straightforward and it only takes approximately an hour to be completed. Its simple design, functionality and affordable price makes it suitable for any home or office.


• All ceiling cassette air conditioners are extremely easy to install. Since the false ceiling is readily available and in place, it is conveniently dropped down and installed into the space. It is very efficient and reliable which is why thousands of Singaporeans have it in their homes.

• All major manufacturing companies have their own version of ceiling cassette units. Different models are available which caters to your specific needs. They come in various tons and cooling units so that you can select the most suitable one for your home. This has made it a lot easier for people to have a good amount of options from the wide variety of models available in the market. Depending on your preference, you can purchase the unit according to size, tons or its cooling capacity.

• Since all ceiling cassette air conditioner units are mounted onto the ceiling, you can select the room where you want it to be installed and have no problems. Being able to have it installed in any room is a great advantage because traditional air conditioner units can sometimes be too big or bulky in an area. Using piping and ducting, the ceiling cassette is connected to the outdoor cooling system. It's a very convenient and efficient way of getting cool air inside a room without sacrificing important window, floor or wall space.

• Most manufacturers who sell ceiling cassette air conditioners create them with venting or blowing systems pre installed. It makes sure that the cool air is evenly distributed in every corner of the room.


• The unit itself together with the compressor needs to be installed by a professional contractor. Because the compressor and ducting system are far away, it is necessary to drill holes through exterior walls. This is the only way to connect the internal unit to the compressor which is located outdoors.

• Deciding to purchase only one unit may not be cost effective. This is because a single unit may not be able to provide sufficient cool air inside a room.

• Purchasing an incorrect or incompatible ceiling cassette unit may increase your electricity bill. Although there are plenty of energy efficient models available in the market today, there is no guarantee that it wouldn't increase your bill.

In order to ensure that you're purchasing the most suitable ceiling cassette air conditioner for your home, you will need the advice and expertise of a professional contractor or engineer. He will be able to correctly assess the cooling requirements of your living space so you wouldn't purchase an incorrect one. He will be able to narrow down your choices so that you can select your preferred model. However, this also means that you would need to pay extra for the professional contractor or engineer's services. Always keep in mind that purchasing the correct unit will determine whether or not your electricity bill will increase or decrease in the next months.