Thursday, February 23, 2017

Aircon Servicing In Singapore

Singapore is blessed with a warm, subtropical climate. The beauty of this subtropical climate is that Singapore does not have to suffer through long months of extreme weather conditions such as summer or winter. However, not everything is dandy all year round. The subtropical climate comes with a few vices that we have learned to live with. I am talking about very humid conditions that make you feel as though you have been wrapped in a warm, wet blanket throughout the day.

You stock your medicine cabinet with different kinds of deodorants and antiperspirants, trying to find what works best for you. You invest in a trendy fan but get tired after continuously fanning your face for an hour, and it’s only just mid-afternoon! You have not faced the day yet.

Worry not. This is what aircons are for. These merciful devices are used to regulate the air temperature, as well as the humidity, in certain rooms within your house, or a building. The aircons suck in the warm, humid air for those long days or nights. Aircons can also help heat up a room by warming the air. Now and then, these aircons need to undergo aircon services. This is what we are here to talk about. We will educate you on the most important aircon services that should be performed on your aircon so that it can last way past its warranty period. Gone are the days your aircon gets busted just when you need it the most.

Various Aircon Services

- External cleaning of aircon body. This includes cleaning of the whole exterior of the aircon. Parts such as the front mesh cover and the back surface too. During this process, all the dust or any other unwanted substance that has accumulated for some period are wiped away.

- Cleaning and draining the water drainage pan. This is where the aircon collects all condensed water vapor. This should be emptied occasionally during the warm, humid months of the year as they tend to fill up quite fast. The drainage pipe should also be cleaned.

- Inspecting and cleaning the aircon fan. This can prove quite difficult since the fan is obstructed by the front covers for safety reasons. In the unlikely case that the aircon fans need to be replaced or cleaned, they can be accessed by opening up the aircon unit.

- Maintaining the aircon blower fan motor. This involves greasing up the gears and any surfaces that rub against each other within the motor.

- Confirming electrical connections of the aircon. Any loose or burnt wires are fixed to prevent any electrical issues from arising. The electrical wiring should occasionally be inspected to prevent naked wired from coming into contact with condensed water vapor in the water drainage pan.

- The refrigerant system of the aircon must also be looked at from time to time.

- Aircon filters must be inspected too, on occasion. They need to be cleaned as they accumulate a significant layer of dust on their surface. Clean filters enable the aircon to clean out the air more efficiently.

These are the most common operations that are undertaken during aircon servicing. Remember, aircon servicing makes sure that your aircon unit is functioning at its optimum. A well-maintained aircon unit functioning efficiently will consume less power than a tired, service-deprived aircon that has been running continuously for years. Clean air plays a huge role in determining the health of an individual. A badly performing aircon unit could lead to the development of breathing problems due to the presence of harmful particles in the air you breathe. Below are highlights of advantages and disadvantages of aircon servicing

Benefits Of Aircon Servicing

As stated earlier, an efficient aircon unit will consume less power. This makes it energy efficient. In this hard world where we are in a constant race to pay our bills, your serviced aircon will be much cheaper in the long run. This means more savings and less mental marathons.

An example of an aircon service that contributes directly to this just cause is cleaning of the aircon filters. Remember, a clean filter will easily sieve the air sucked in by the aircon fan, rather than a dusty filter that will need extra energy to force the air through its dusty surface.

Less repair costs. Regular aircon servicing will pick up on the small problems that need to be fixed before they grow into bigger, more costly headaches. Think about it like filling up a crack on the wall before waiting for the entire house to come crashing down.

Your serviced aircon is guaranteed to last you much, much longer than the beaten up aircon that is only remembered the day it was installed. Every appliance that is shown some tender, loving care is sure to stick around for much longer than the creators intended it to. This means that you will continue to enjoy the benefits of owning a working aircon for years and years.

Finally, aircon services exist to ensure that your aircons function optimally. Consider an aircon that has been working continuously for seven years- without servicing. Each year, its efficiency drops by about five percent. Without servicing your aircon, you are killing it softly each year. Aircon servicing improves the quality performance of the aircon unit, reducing the death rates of aircons worldwide to a much acceptable rate.


It costs money for regular aircon servicing. This is acceptable, since we are looking into the future, and possibly extending the life and improving the quality performance of the aircon unit. If you think about it, it is quite alright, although your bank account might think otherwise.

Aircon servicing is a must for all aircon unit owners. For all individuals and organizations out there looking to spend less on power bills each month, or creating a comfortable environment that does not leave you either reaching for a blanket or taking a cold shower. Aircon units were designed to make your lives that much easier to live. Aircon servicing is here to leave your bank account full and not to occasionally empty it.

Aircon servicing gives a helping hand to your body, making sure that the air you breathe is free from all harmful particles that can cause medical problems. Aircons are your new best friend. So do not think about it that much, book an aircon service today, and thank me twenty years later.